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The new Tarkett virtual online view provides architects and designers with a quick and easy way to define a Statement Area Rug for each project. The Nodi Noughts Weave wool carpet. Edge cutter hand loom carpet. Explore our wide selection of handmade premium designer carpets and rugs. Freedom of design.


foundation () ; /*var image is { mobile:'' + prev_image_url, tablet:'' + prev_image_url, desktop : <}'' + preview_image_url, } Mm-hmm. Wait at least 4 week for shipment to your nearest dealer. Below you will find the carpet design with your favourite filter: The offer is valid for deliveries to the euro zone. Natural Flooring Care Kit consists of a foam, a stain removing agent and a guide for these annoying spots.

Perfect carpets: Create your own carpets online

With The Perfect Rug you can design your own carpet. Pick your materials, pick your borders and pick the desired shapes and sizes. You discuss between the samplers and are at a loss what they will look like in your room? They' re sending you patterns so you can verify them. Do you need a ceiling for an unusually formed room or do you have a color that you would like to combine?

Look at her here. Don't miss to read their advice on choosing the right carpet for you! If you buy through one of our sites, we can receive a fee for the purchase of these items.

Everyone can design an individual carpet with the new online tool from Kasthall - here is the proof.

This is a two carpet line we created for the 120 year old Kasthall carpet manufacturer with their online rug design tools. Launched today at Stockholm Design Week, the new version of this design tools allows any arquitect, decorator or aesthetic enthusiast to do it - that's us! - in order to make an individual, handwoven or handtufted carpet with a wide range of colours and designs.

From Kasthall started to test it by making our own carpet, we said yes ardently. Rug Designer gives you a lot of flexibility, but also provides a solid frame that makes it easier for novices to use. Designer can select between stepped or weaved carpet forms, colours (deep devils, cuddly chestnut, light roses), designs (chess boards, Chevron, strips and zigzag) and configuration.

Experimenting savagely, we tried several unorthodox (also known as ugly) colour combinations before ending up on two striated skins - one stepped and round, one weaved and one square - in a Scandi-inspired pastelpalette. Using tone variation of rose and vinegar, the weaved carpet was influenced by Milan's fa├žades decorated with trumpet l'oeil; the rug was our way of depicting strips in a less preservative way.

Of course Kasthall hopes that his professionals will use the tools to complement their visions of the perfect space, but if you want to gamble with him just to see what you can come up with, we pledge not to tell.

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