Design my Logo for me

Create my logo for me

On the same day I received my new, individual logo. This pages offer you a kind of predefined template for the design of your logo. However, a graphic designer commissioned to develop a logo is not a standard employee - he or she is an independent contractor. Grab a stunning logo like this by starting your own logo design project today! As a mentor in the Designer's Pricing Class he is the author of "Pay Me".

Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Web Designer - Manhattan, New York

Rather than having a fixed pricelist, I hear exactly what prospective customers want and create a truly individual proposition tailored to their needs. Best way to get a quotation or more information is to e-mail me describing your needs. Then we can fix a date for a more detailed conversation.

It is also important to recall that you don't just ask me to design a graphic, but rather to respond to your needs and develop a relation that will help your company thrive. Depending on your needs, however, this may be in relation to the results logo file, letterhead, style guides, website file, community avatar and so on.

I will also provide you with advice, assistance and research on my behalf throughout the entire duration of the entire process and beyond. Depending on the specific requirements of the specific case. As a rule, a fire identification campaign lasts about 1-3 week. One website projekt 3-5 week. It can be done faster if needed, but I usually suggest at least two week for most of my research assignments to make sure the research and creativity performance is optimal.

While the design is never straightforward, in a nutshell, my design is similar: Hear the customer and create a Design Brief > Suggestion > 50% down payment > Research > Conception > Conception > Making a Render > Presentation > Revisions > 50% Total > Shipping > Support. Here you can get detailed information about my design processes.

Yes, the deal can be done via e-mail, telephone and online chats. However, the particular sector probably doesn't play a role because I adjust my abilities, research and processes to the needs of the customer and the sector until the issue is resolved. I ask for a 50% deposit to plan the work for most of my work.

Precise conditions and conditions will be stated in my suggestion. Remaining 50% will be payable upon conclusion of the design before the finished product is released. My take on few assignments at a stretch to make sure every customer gets the focus they deserve. I would like to review my availabilities by e-mail as they are constantly changing.

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