Design your own Doormat

Create your own doormat

The perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, inaugurations & logos. louiseexklusiv design your own mats with photos, graphics & text. You can add your own photos, messages or company logo to create your own door mat in minutes. With the design of your own door mat you can create an inviting impression for your home that suits you. You can print out your design, cut it out and place it on the doormat.

But I want to create my designs in Illustrator, then import them into DS and resize them.

Create your own door mat - Personalized door mat

It was a good and simple design as well. You might reply 2-3 after that. Suddenly I get an e-mail with tracker information stating that it is shipped today and see HERE! The onesies themselves are astonishing, only the size is a little strange. They' re exactly the way I chose them, but they' re a little soiled.

Parcel came 3 day ahead of schedule (it should be here on 11 January, but it came on 8 January!). I' ve reported twice via the website, Facebook messaging, Twitter and Twitter and since a few weeks nobody answers anymore. Finally, when I received an answer, I was informed that there was a delay due to Christmas enquiries, but that all orders placed before 11 December would definitely be there by Christmas.

As someone who works in customer service, I really understood how bustling the holidays can be. There' s another whole next weekend and there's still no trace of my article. This happened on a Thursday, so I did not consider it inappropriate, considering the 3-5 day delivery timeframe from the approximate date the goods were shipped, to expect them to be with me later than Wednesday, December 19, two and a half months after my order.

Nineteenth comes and no object. If I do not get this article by December 22, I will ask for a full refund. If I do not get this article by December 22, I will ask for a full refund. 2. On Saturday, December 22, I got an e-mail saying that the design crew had notified me when they placed the order to let me know that they would not be able to execute the design I wanted.

I' m checking my e-mails and see, I hadn't gotten any e-mail telling me about it, not even in my junk/spam file. lf this was the case, why was I repeatedly informed that my order had been placed, that it was in order, that it had been shipped, and that every e-mail said that it would be with me by Christmas?

Even though I was approached to say that the design could not be finished, why wasn't I given a full reimbursement right away? I still haven't recieved it 3 week after I was notified of the above and that a reimbursement was handled on that date. Again, I realize that Christmas, New Year and the weekends in between have led to finite working hours, but there have been 5 working hours since December 22 and January 5 and I haven't got a cent back.

Like I said before, I totally comprehend that Christmas is an incredibly bustling period and that things can get through the net when no one comes every day, but not one individual thought they would track it right. They have my e-mail, they have my number, nobody has tried to contact me and tell me that the order could only be handled 3 working days before Christmas, 3 working hours after I placed the order with you.

Can you please tell me when I'm getting my reimbursement?

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