Design your own Mat

Create your own mat

Our customers have an online design system that allows them to create their own personalized products, and our photo door mats are an absolute classic. What does it cost to design my own mat? In fact, there are no additional costs for designing your own mat if we receive the artwork preformatted and ready to submit. Make a lasting first impression with your company logo at the entrance. Hard-wearing neoprene fabric non-slip for children play mats.

Cut custom photo mat | Storage mat | Image mat

Ordering a sample will help make sure you get the right fitting for your item. Select your colours and fill in your data, we will send them to you. Do you need a mat with an individual border? Our frames are the ideal complement to your interior. Start now with your complete user-defined framework now.

Choose from over 300 different framing and matting choices to make a truly personal work of artwork.

What does it cost to design my own mat?

What does it cost to design my own mat? In fact, there are no extra costs for designing your own mat if we get the piece of work pre-formatted and submitted. Adaptations such as Colage Type, or the modification of writings, colours, design, etc. are contained in the prices. Prices also include up to three inspections.

Which kind of work of art is necessary? Art file should be retrieved in an Adobe compliant file size. JPG, PDF, EPS or TIF data formats are prefered for optimum printing results. In order to achieve the best image clarity, a file should preferably have a 3563ppi x 10800ppi screenshot. There may be minor color deviations because the pictures are pre-formatted during reception.

When your pictures are smaller, the compilation to a bigger picture can lead to better results. Which colour can be incorporated into the work of art? It is possible for us to reproduced almost any colour in your work of art. However, some colours are not exactly translated, such as metallics. In addition, large areas with blacks or darks are worn earlier.

Which contents can be added to the work? Permission is granted to all submissions and no materials may contain any proprietary or protected materials that do not belong to the individual or organization that submits the work. Also note if the real template dimensions, margin sizes or colour may slightly differ.

Where can I send my work? Print templates can be sent directly via our e-mail system. You can also share your data through a number of free and safe file-sharing websites such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, RapidShare and MediaFile. If I don't have any works of art, what happens? If you do not have your own art work, our design staff will be happy to help you.

For the design support however extra charges arise. For how long will it take to get my individually crafted mat or my hand towel? How long will it take? Usually an inspiration, a picture or an artwork is sent to our design department and a first design is made. On this date, e-mail sent copies will be replaced with up to three changes contained in the quote.

Once we have received your release for the definitiveproof, our work will begin and can take about 5-7 workdays.

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