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An extensive catalogue of carpets offers a rich selection of inspirations for customers who want to use their creative power. Carpets printed with your photos, works of art or classic patterns give character to both wooden floors and simple carpets. The modern art gives you the full freedom to design carpets in shapes and figures according to your own ideas. Theme / Design; Color;

Size / Shape; Texture. You can style and paint designer carpets online, order samples, create instant offers, and download your design.

Create your PAMPA carpets - Pampa

DESIGN YOUR OWN PAMPA-CARPET! Pampa's personalised carpet services allow you to select your design, your sizes and your colours to make your own personalised carpet. Most of our carpets are made to order and we have only a small amount in our warehouse. Each stage of the production is done by Hand so that each carpet is an individual one.

It is a real pride for us to provide a carpet that allows our customers to create their own carpet with a unique design experience that is immediate, durable and cost effective.

Create your own individual carpet

Contemporary Art carpets can be personalized according to your wishes in design, color and sizing. Give free rein to your fantasy. To design your own carpet, please submit your design with detail on millimetre chart to us. Please feel free to browse and browse the website and get the design document. Make your design on the design sheet; the design must not be bigger than 400 x 500 cm.

Notice that each speaker on the design sheet is equivalent to a 10 cm x 10 cm size item. Select the color and image you want and paste it into the image. Please do not use pointed or delicate design in the design, as these cannot be produced in series.

Personalized carpets USA|Customized carpets USA

It' entirely up to you to proceed with the order or not after the "design process" has been completed. Your carpet design can only be an inspired image, a drawing, a moodboard or a definite idea in the shape of a particular image. IT' S VISIONS CAN BE REALIZED.

And all you have to do is get us in the mood and let us get involved. Submit your outlines, scratch pictures by e-mail or simply speak to us via our contact form via contact form. Then we will use all inputs to build computer-aided design choices.

With all your entries, we create several virtual computer-aided choices. They will then be sent to you to select a design choice. Select one of the available development tools to create your ultimate one. Now we are prepared to make changes to your selected design until your ultimate carpet view is made.

As soon as the required results have been reached after the infinite changes, you can now validate your order with your first installment. It' entirely up to you whether you proceed with the order or not - according to the design. Once the first installment of the purchase price has been paid, the construction of the carpet will begin.

You will receive pictures of the improvement - at every step - in the production of your carpets. As soon as the carpet is made, we will ship the definitive pictures.

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