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The Designer's Carpet offers one of the largest selections of carpets, hardwood, laminate floors, tile floors, vinyl planks and LVT, room carpets and more. The designer carpet fuzzy black dots of the carpet is intended to represent television statics and the large yellow line is representative of a line that scans a card. Working with some of the most inspired and respected designers in the world. Peykar Designer Carpets & Rugs offers a wide selection of carpets, rugs, floor coverings and staircases to match your home. Exclusive VIP lunch.

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One Floor & Home Carpet Store. You can now enjoy savings of up to $1,000 on selected floors* such as hard-wood, luxurious vinyls, carpets, tiles and more during the Home Makeover flooring sales. And benefit from our specific financial services. All of these exclusives are available only from 1.3.19 to 7.4.19. We were given the best help in selecting and adjusting our floor coverings.

Practically there was no clutter when he was cleaning at every phase of the setup. I' ve used designer carpets before and they have always been my first option. Carpet One difference.

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The MR Carpet is a monochrome Axminster carpet range from our in-house specialists Johnathon Murray and Shaun Russell. It explores the latest trend in geometrical carpets and has a characteristic menswear-inspired turn that includes male print in a high value, all-round offering. Whilst rigid floors give a room a smooth surface, the tangible luxuries, warmness and lightness of the carpet ensure its enduring popularity as a favourite underlay.

MR Carpet's tartans, flowers and stripes offer not only this practicality, but also a powerful and modern aesthetics that is sure to be used in high-frequented areas. Classical colours and eternal styles make this high-quality carpet stand out in many different settings.

The carpet line by award-winning designer Greg Natale was influenced by his passion for travelling and architectonic work. This distinctive line embodies Natale's unmistakable styling with repetitive geometrical designs, stylish monochrome designs and a precision tailor-made touch. Our impartial range lends every designer durability and leaves their designs at the forefront.

And for those who want something different, there is also an individual colour scheme for each of the designs. Natale names among his inspiration for the collections the architectonic detail he sees on his journeys. "When I walk through the street of another town, I am intrigued by the line, angle and pattern of the structure around me and will necessarily take a picture - I can't help myself!

You can find ideas for designs everywhere," he says.

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