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The designs, inspired by historical plant specimens kept in the State Botanical Collection, show the popular floral emblems of Australian states and territories. Original loom contents, designs and photos are protected by copyright. and Auckland and online at

Sign up here and then choose whether you want to work online or with a showroom. Browse and order your designer blanket through our online website.

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First and foremost, we make sure that we only work with certified and social carpet manufacturers who are environmentally respectful and who care about the many employees who carefully design a truly handmade item for your flooring. If homeowners want to embellish their houses, we realize they would rather buy top value items that do not breach the bench.

As many people do not have the spare moment to look for the right items for their own taste, we have made our offer available to everyone with access to the world wide web. Expend as much browse through our assortment as you like to make sure you find the look that suits your current interior and the full promise of your home.

Carpets provide a great choice for those with plank floors who do not want to pay much for laying carpets. Whatever your purchase, we are sure you will find a carpet in our online shop that is either fashionable, classic or trendy and that will exceed your expectation.

United' s own Rug Space label stands for the latest modern and trendy floors that are not only attractive but also sensitive to the surroundings, with a clear emphasis on nature, structure and organics. Wherever possible, we are strong proponents of environmentally sound decisions to minimize our environmental impacts and those of the communities that work in them.

Also, we believe that our customers are responding favourably to our sustainability stance and want to give them the opportunity to buy breathtaking contemporary carpets that include green production methods. We are always pleased to talk to our customers about one of the items in our range.

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Recent creations to come across will achieve better prizes if more than one is bought. Many creations are available, give me a short explanation of what you will do my best afterwards and sick to help you! Fluffy, ragged blanket in shades of shagreen with a rhombic pattern in shades of amber. Contemporary, minimalistic styling. Pure Wool Boho style Hand woven Farsi Chobi kilim runner Beautiful hand woven Afghan veg dyes Chobi kilim hall runner.

First of all, it has a pure hand-spun wool stack based on wool. Beautiful allover design (Boho Style), very fashionable & decorative. Hand-woven in Afghanistan by nomadic weavers. 296 x 82 cm Gallery Replacement value: $950 We' Selected by an interior designer, this contemporary carpet is less than a year old.

Six and a half years ago, a brand-new big floor made of smooth CHENILLE-COTTON-VISCOSE. FIRE-NEW big floor pizzazz. SMOOTH: MADE OF THICK VISCOSE STRIPED COTTONS, SMOOTH SURFACE. COLOR: SAGE GRÜN color: sage grün WITH SOFTEN chenile stripes & square MOTIF PATTERNED DESIGN ON BOTH SIDES OF RUG - as in the picture. Two carpets of 1.89 x 1.33 metres each. Kandinsky style.

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