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Deluxe carpets and rugs. Large selection of stylish and modern designer carpets. Carpets in Teppichtraum-Onlineshop, free shipping and handling. The collection offers a wide selection of elegant, sophisticated and exquisite Danish designs. The Blackstone Group is a renowned wholesaler of designer carpets and rugs, including the new Soft Sisal.

Sale of carpets

It was a very good rug, fast delivery and all at a really good value. "Perfect workmanship and fine carpets. All mistakes are very well tagged, which makes it so much simpler for the rug buyer. Top of the line services. "Outstanding carpets and great craftsmanship are appreciated. "I just had my three of my four virgin rugs opened and put by designer carpets outlet designer Cpet.

Carpets are absolute nice, high-quality and high-quality carpets. "and the rug was as described. "Amazing services and a nice Westex silk rug for our master suite. "Exceptional rug of great craftsmanship. Quick delivery" "Fab, kind, competent personnel assisted me to choose the best rug for every room.

Surely I will go there for all my prospective needs for carpets and subfloors as the rug qualities are outstanding and a few month later I am still satisfied. "Very cheap, high value carpets with a small budget" "Fantastic services, Outstanding carpets, Fast deliveries, Very supportive staff. "I got you a perfectly good rug.

Very good deal and fast shipping, I am very satisfied. "The rug I got surpassed my expectation. Luxury feeling at this cost is nowadays one of a kind. I' m definitely gonna go check there first, see if I need another rug. Rug itself nice grade at a reasonable cost. "Brillant rug of good workmanship at a good cost.

" "Amazing craftsmanship and value for your money. Really? Recently I made a purchase of a Westex designer rug that was 80% less expensive than what was offered elsewhere. Our client services were awesome, with no intrusive sellers or tricks! You made sure that I was satisfied with the rug and was supplied on schedule. "l "l' ve got four carpets that have been shipped to two different locations.

Then I had to alter one of the deadlines for them to call me and sort it out immediately. The employees were very supportive, nothing was too much effort and they were just really effective. It is of excellent workmanship and the cost is only 1/3 of the cost of the same rug elsewhere.

Amazing client services. He was very satisfied with the workmanship, prices and deliveries. Thanks to everyone" "Great from beginning to end, great prices, first class, fast shipping inclusive". Helps me pick the right rug. "I found a good looking rug and loved working with Seb, which was very useful.

The carpet came as anticipated and was very satisfied with the results. "Outstanding value for your money. Outstanding value for your money. Brillant and very inexpensive grade. I' d only buy carpets from here now. A very good) good client support and it will help you to please the eyes. ;-)" They are both of nice workmanship, smooth and very fluffy.

Last week-end, when we had a little house call, they were surprised how beautiful the new carpets were and when I was telling my father how good the carpets were, he said: "This is unbelievable - well done". "Really exquisite rug of the highest standard, supplied quickly." Thank you very much for the great services and the reasonable rates.

" "Greater value and very supportive people. The majority of carpets are made of woolen, not synthetics, which is an additional allure. "Amazing services and also very useful. We will buy again from you" "Excellent choice of high class carpets. Our whole office rug was delivered by them and 18 month later we are still lucky.

Thank you very much for the great services and the reasonable rates. "I made two buys with Designer Pet Outlet and was thrilled on both occasions." "Very supportive and great rug at an incredible price" "I made two buys with Designer Pet Outlet and was excited on both opportunities. "unbelievable high value carpets! "Fabulous carpets at great value because I purchased two different carpets and received an outstanding offer, a place of outstanding after sales services with very supportive staff" "Really a rug of outstanding workmanship that was quickly shipped.


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