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Are you looking for something special in a door mat? The Swiss Home Cotton Door Mat from Swiss Home Retail is a premium quality door mat that is very durable, modern and often manufactured. Industry entries of designer door mat manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with their contact details and addresses. Greet your guests with a new door mat. Floor Mat Designs & Housewares, Mile End.

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Featuring an expansive selection of designs, fabrics and dimensions, a designer door mat from our stylish Interiors Online product line will put you on the right track. In order to make sure that you put the best feet of your home forward Interiors Online have an extensive selection of door matting in a wide array of different fabrics, shades and styles to choose from.

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No matter whether you are looking for a discreet door mat or want to let your fantasy run wild with a multicoloured floor mat, our floor mat design is anything but usual. When you' ve often had trouble finding the right door mat to improve your foyer, you'll find that Vincent Design's range of designer floor mats is beautifully designed and beautifully tailored.

We are one of the best places to buy designer door matting on-line, so take a look at our selections and select your favorite. Let's take, for example, the plain but elegant Björk range from Design House Stockholm. This design door mat is made of 100% woolen with edging in leathers. Coming in 4 different size, they are ideal for giving your hall a luxury but discreet look.

One cheaper alternative is our beloved Shag Mat from Chilewich New York. Ideal for entrance areas, baths, patios and swimming pools, these are truly the best design door mat in regards to variety and good looks. If you buy your designer door mat from Vincent Design, you are purchasing floor mat from leading international manufacturers known for having some of the hottest home care out there.

Manufactured from durable virgin material in a wide range of floor mat styles, these floor mat may look almost too good to go on, but they will definitely give more than a hint of designer style to any home in Australia. With the words of Stockholm House they are looking for "Scandinavian" designer goods that have "personality and character".

Sandy and Joe, Chilewich, is an US trademark headquartered in New York that manufactures pioneering textile designs from its own fabrics. Introduced by Sandy Chilewich in 2000, the Chilewich Series of Design Door Matting offers a cleaner, trendier choice for the home of today.

Manufactured in the USA from high grade braided extrusion yarn with a durable vinylic backing, the Chilewich design door mat is extremely versatile, as it can be used both inside and outside. And because the matting is mold, fungus and chlorine-proof, it retains its good appearance for years to come.

There are four different size choices of Chilliwich matting available, so whether you are looking for a door mat, a mat for everyday use, a carpet to run on or a large mat, these beautiful designed matting will perfectly work. Select your favorite now and order, and we'll send your designer floor mat free of cost throughout Australia.

So if you are living outside Melbourne and cannot withstand our produce, you will be pleased to know that everything, up to and personalised with our floor mats, is available on-line and free of charge. At Vincent Design we also offer a wide variety of designer carpets, Scandi style furniture, Nordic armchairs, Nordic bar stools, Nordic chairs, Nordic bedroom furniture, Nordic dining room chairs, Nordic office furniture, Nordic sofa, Nordic tables, Nordic coffee tables, Nordic couch tables, Nordic designer door mats, Nordic designer mats, Nordic designer placemats, Nordic designer Step Ladders & more.

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