Diamond Plate Floor Mats

Floor mats with diamond plates

Individually shaped metal floor mats made of aluminium diamond plate. Exactly fitting, these mats combine the sober look of aluminium diamond discs with the flexibility of a high-quality floor mat. The Eva Checker Plate floor mat - Alles Pools, Schaumstoff & Gummi. Grab aluminum style from a vinyl mat with Intro-Tech Diamond Plate floor mats. The diamond tread pattern provides extra traction for this popular vinyl mat.

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And when most of us think of floor mats, it' s easy to think of rubbers, vinyls or carpets. However, if you want to keep the rug in your automobile protected, why not be one of a kind at the same place and opt for the extraordinary, the unforeseen - aluminium. Aluminium has several properties that ensure a good floor mats.

If you still like the look of aluminium, but don't really want metallic floor mats, we have the ideal option - simulation, mirror finish, aluminium floor mats made from durableinyl. Protect your rug from grime and debris while making a custom design statement with our custom-fit floor mats, 100% Aluminium Diamond Plates or our simulation Aluminium Diamond Plates.

Each type is individually manufactured for each brand and type and the real aluminium mats are available either polish or finish in the colour of your preference. Every real aluminium mat we supply is suitable for a particular type of automobile or lorry. Bottom tray measurements for each of the vehicles are made using the latest measurement instruments, then the aluminium is lasercut to these measurements to guarantee a snug fitting, optimum bottom cover and ease of use.

An elevated diamond structure of the pad prevents the legs from sliding, and the diamond plate design so often seen on heavy-duty vehicles gives a robust look. Our aluminium mats will keep your precious rug cleaner and drier and give your interiors a distinctive, individual look that can't be surpassed.

You no longer have to bother about the aluminium starting, disappearing or curing. Used to create our genuine diamond plate aluminium mats, they are engineered to match the company floor mats. Manufactured with a durable vinylic backing, our simulation mirrored aluminium diamond plate floor mats are made with a coating of reflecting film simulating the aluminium, which in turn is coated with clear vinylic to give the fantastic look.

The mats look so lifelike that you can't tell they're not authentic until you tap them. Just like our true aluminium mats, they are tailor-made for an accurate fitting and have the sturdy look of a diamond plate, but these mats feature an eye-catching plaid racing bond and have elastic springs on the bottom to keep them in place on your rug.

You' ll find that both our true and our simulation aluminium mats are the ideal complement to customized footrests, customized meters and other light coloured inner lining accessory. Also available are general purpose blankets with true diamond plate aluminium centre insert, which can be cut to size on most coaches. Although not exactly floor mats, our aluminium floorboards will still be a blessing for older jeep owner with flooring that is not in good condition.

Whether available in plain brush or diamond disc in light or dark colour, these floorboards fully conceal your drivers and passengers side floors and revitalise your indoors. It can be used in different types of steels to fully substitute the floor. Lastly, if you have a racing vehicle, we provide refractory floor mats specifically developed for the driver's cabin with a thermally reflecting aluminised surface.

The mats are fastened with studs or bolts through the corners.

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