Door Mat Alarm

Doormat alarm

Ground mat alarms; use with fall monitors; alarm triggered when weight is applied to the mat; wired and wireless variants available. The ideal safety SOLO pressure mat alarm, with loud humming and pleasant chimes, triggered by when.

Durable bed occupancy detection sensor, also suitable for floor pressure mat alarms. There is a large selection of printing mats available. Best way to know is to hide this alarm under your doormat!

Print-activated mat alarm with siren and strobe

Simple to set up and service, just slip the pressurised cushion under your door mat to be informed of visitors when they come to your front door or to catch and discourage potential invaders. Alarm units are powered by batteries and are delivered with a mount. Press the button to ring when you are at home and press it to alert when you are away.

Mat alarm

Technological Solutions provides a set of monitors that inform caregivers when an exposed individual is moving away from a table or stool. The wireless 433 MHz beeper triggers the alarm when the user is standing on the mat. If you are standing on the mat and a beeper in the same room triggers the alarm.

Ground mat to connect with nursing call to support falls avoidance. Connect both the alarm pick-up and the bell push to the same call system.

mattresses for beds, chairs and floor sensors

N.B.: All sensors for beds/chairs or doormats must be attached to a Smart Caregiver monitor for operation. Bettwarngeräte provide the caregiver with an effective way of finding out when a occupant is getting out of the bed. They are completely waterproof and insensitive to liquids.

They are used for safety against falling when there is a warning in the bedroom. Once the cushion is attached to a safety mattress alarm, the cushion triggers the safety alarm when the load is taken away from the cushion itself. They are completely waterproof and insensitive to liquids.

Designed for use in the stool case screen, these weight-sensitive cushions are designed to withstand pressures. If the thrust piece is attached to a safety catcher it triggers the camber alarm when the load is taken away from the thrust piece itself. Pressurized cushion to protect against accidental use. The Smart® Smart® Smart Workgiver Weight-Sensing Mat Sensor Mat assists the carer in warning the occupant of their activity by activating a crash screen when they step on the mat's sensing area.

The alarm is signalled with a low 1-1/2 pound print. FM-07 String bound mats. Robust sturdy hammock mat with bevelled edge and non-slip handle 24 "x48" (61x122cm) with SafeTRelease? Interchangeable cables. Package with 4 elastic bands and clips to attach the cushions to the matrix to facilitate placement.

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