Door Mats Australia

Doormats Australia

Story of two mats - Blog You ever stand under a coir tree to protect yourself during a rain storm? First of all, a Kokospalme is not much of an um-shade. Typically a chocolate nut weights about 2k, and if you fall 25m from the tip of your hand, it turns into a lethal bullet. When you appreciate your brains, you quickly come out under the cocolate.

What is lacking is a sleek dark grey or dark complexion - which looks a little like a ten-pin shell - and inside a filamentous coating that works as a cushion and protects the inner husk from being damaged when the cacao falls to the floor. It'?s not wasteful, far from it.

It is the so-called coconut fiber and finally makes its way into the coconut foot mats. I' m finally saying because it's a pretty long trial. The next step is to spin and twist by hand-to a thin thread to produce the very long and thick coconut fibres, which can then be loomed into large handlooms to weave the mats.

Now we have received a supply of the end result of this long processing, our yearly supply of door mats. Most coconut fibre in India is produced in private plants, and working condition is usually not the first concern. The Shertallai Coir Coira Cooperative Company was formed by a former labour activist who inspired coconut growers from Cherthala, Kerala in South India, to set up a workers' group.

This was a great advance for the coconut fibre worker, who for many years had fought a horrible battle for their fundamental right to life. By 1958, the members of the cooperative purchased our company, which used to be in private hands, and it is now fully controlled and held by those who work for it.

Shertallai Coira Cooperative Society is one of our partner producers of fairly traded foods, and we are pleased to show our commitment to the working class to create a sustainable organic product for them. Helping to buy these mats not only benefits employees, but is also a way of voting for genuine, sustainable produce and not for synthetics that endanger the livelihood of coconut fibre employees.

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