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Doormats Canada

Unbreakable, highly cyclic, recycled, colourful floor mats, hand-woven from recycled and new lobster trap rope. A leading online retailer of mats and mat products throughout Canada. CARPETS & DOOR MATS AREA. Let's introduce: Striped floor mats - Park & Pearl Residence.

INSTAYS coconut rubber door mat

Coir and gum mats, dimensions: Returns can be made within 90 business days of receiving your order. Sorry, the pick-up information for this article is not available. Modify your postcode to view more collection options: Sorry, the shipment information for this article is not available.

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Floor Mats Floor Mats Fury over India at Amazon for purchase

India's Secretary of State has criticized Amazon, the on-line retailer following the sale of Indian-flagged mats on his Canada website. Swaraj twittered that Amazon should make an "unconditional apology" and pull back the "offensive" product. Should this not succeed, she said, India would lift the present visa for Amazon civil servants and no longer allow them.

Amazons said it had the floor mats off its side. Swaraj, in a row of twitter messages, asked the High Commission of India in Canada to address the Amazon problem after it had been notified to her by another Twitter post. "Amazonia must apologize unconditionally. "Unless this happens immediately, we will not give any Amazon officials an India visas.

The visas previously granted will also be withdrawn. On Wednesday, the floor mats, which had been marketed by a third company as "personalised, long-lasting, machine-washable interior and exterior items", were taken off the premises. "An Amazon spokesperson said the article is no longer available for purchase on the site.

Amazonia is selling floor mats with foreign flagging, but in India the violation of the flagg is threatened with a fine and a prison sentence. In June, Amazon was in a similar dispute over the sale of floor mats representing the Hindu deity. As Flipkart, India's largest on-line merchant, joins the series in a heated fight with Amazon for shares.

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