Door Mats without Rubber backing

Doormats without rubber underlay

Traditional handmade coconut mats are the original plastic-free eco-foot mats. Natural colloid Easy to clean rubber rear entrance Doormat for terrace,. No reason why your entrances should be outdoors without the proper entrance mats. No back - so let stone floors "breathe". Magic Mat Rismat, non-slip rubber pad, traps mud & dirt, charcoal.

Coconut floor mat without rubber underlay Archive

The handcrafted coconut mats are the originals of the plastic-free eco-foot mats. Sometimes, in a global environment where advances always march on stations, it is rewarding to stop for a minute to reflect on how things were done in the past and see if there is anything to learn from the proven practices of the past.

Let's take floor mats, for example. They have been made from simple virgin fiber over generation after generation, either manually or on a base loom, and then skillfully sewn to the right sizes. The way we make our eco-foot mat. Kokosfaser is a completely naturally occurring substance, which comes from the external bowls of Kokosnusschalen, it is biologically degradable.

Historically, humans used their floor mats until they were exhausted. This is the ideal ecological floor mat for you. Today, floor mats have been further developed and are now available in many different styles and fabrics, which include photopersonalized mats, roll-cut coconut mats and synthetic floor mats that can be washed. They all have a great deal to offer, they are very handy and durable.

When your goal is an eco-foot mat, you choose a completely plastic-free coconut floor mat. Wouldn't anyone be shocked by the state of three-dimensional ocean contamination shown in the recent Blue Planet TV show? It is unlikely that old floor mats would make it to the ocean.

At present, however, there is no way to recycling those containing plastics so that they will eventually end up in landfills. Naturally the components are degraded, but the plastics are preserved for a very long period of use. As far as floor mats are concerned, yes, you may be able to buy something very inexpensive and plan to have it replaced as soon as it is worn out.

The mats are always as good as new. They contain plastics, but they last many fold longer than less expensive alternative materials. Most of all, we are one of the few places in the UK that still makes 100% coconut floor mats in the way they have always been.

Since our origins as a craft shop for the visually impaired over 30 years ago, we have retained these ancient crafts. Buying our hand-stitched mats, our clients enjoy them because of their classical look and durability. We' ve even talked to clients who say they have been using the same old -fashioned mats for 20 years or more!

100% coconut floor mats are available from stock in a variety of different dimensions, thickness and finish. However, for something very specific, we provide a tailor-made process in which we produce the mats in the desired dimensions and shapes. Everything hand-stitched in Britain, just like we've always done.

Grab your own mug, reject a synthetic stalk, buy a durable coconut floor mat.

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