Door Matting by the Metre

Doormats accurate to the metre

With the durable and absorbent Montana anthracite door mat you can add an inviting element to your front door. Popular choice for floorers who need versatile rolls of entrance carpet mats. Deluxe and commercially available coconut mats have more fibres per metre than the low-cost products. Soil and dirt must be collected as quickly as possible, either outside the building or in the first few metres at the entrance.

Entrance mat £0.48/cm

Not only does the grooved finish look elegant, it's also engineered to scratch off dust and stains. The 100% Polypropylen nap is long-lasting and suited for hard use. In contrast to loosely laid entry matting, this finned matting does not have a foam edge. When you need a bordered matt, please choose an alternate from our entry series.

Width 910 mm, meter by meter sales, cheap bought at Mercateo.

EAN/GTIN: Width 910 mm, yard goods, gray. Max. length of rolls 18,3 m. Sells on meter basis. 1+ metre long. The Mercateo procures the goods from different stores with different strengths: A store has everything available, but is more costly than others.

There is a 4th stock with large volumes at low price, but with higher order value. etc. It is also possible to define your own needs for your shopping cart (e.g. quicker) or lower price.

Smooth XO2® Entrance Mats | For Facilities, Hotels & Gastronomy

Mats are the first and most important steps towards a clean, healthy and safe working environment. Classical preventive medicine is better than cure: it prevents high cost detergents, slipping and falling injuries, damages to surfaces and unsanitary working environments. You' ll be amazed to know that the first thing we have on the radars during a factory tour is the doormat.

Why then do the specialists for purification systems care so much about mats? Cleansing filth from an administrative room is costly and time-consuming. Best way to stop the door from getting dirty is with an entry mat. There are two advantages to this: the reduction of purification cost and the improvement of hygienic conditions.

Existence of soil, gravel and gravel acts as an abrading agent on a ground area. The mats protect the surfaces from damages. Take this fact into account: an efficient range of ground mats will prevent 90% of external pollution from getting into your offices. For every kilogram of debris that doesn't get into your workspace, our expert cleaners say you can cut up to $1500 in clean time.

That' s why we call ground matting the first line of defense! - Prevent contamination, dusts, deposits, impurities and humidity from penetrating or being transported into a system. Even the best doormats act like magnets: they draw in the ground and humidity and hold them firmly. - Reduce surface and sealant abrasion.

  • Reducing your cost and workload results in higher profit. Why is an optimal ground mats? Ideally, the entry mats should be 3.6 to 5 meters long for heavily frequented establishments. 3.6 meters of mats stop about 60% of the ground and 5-6 meters of mats stop about 85% of the ground.

As soon as you have understood and quantified the meaning of your mat, the next steps are to get the most out of your mat programme, find out which mat is right for your use, where you can place it, how big it should be and how you can keep it cleaned and maintained.

Mats may not be the most fun subject, but if you do it right, the results are stunning and the ROI is exceptional!

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