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The Amazon India is dedicated to the observance of Indian rules and traditions. Doormats online at low prices in India at Amazon buy. Get the deliverer on your page with our Hide Packages from Husband Doormat! Cheerful Doormat High Cotton Dog Personal Space Doormat' current offer plus price comparisons with other Top Cheerful Doormats sold at Amazon. For the sale of floor mats Amazon has struck with Golden Temple picture.

Amazonia removed "offensive" floor mats containing the Arabic words "God".

Those matting is highly insulting to Muslims and inadmissible," Khan commented. @amazon @AmazonHelp Please immediately delete them from your website. As Anam Hoque said, the points are "disgusting", "irresponsible" and promote "hatred" and "Islamophobia". Meanwhile Moeed Sheikh named the points 'Disgraceful & Diabolical' and added: Disgrace about @amazon en @AmazonHelp for the sale of these doormats'.

Amazon collapses under duress to strip off doormats. WEREN: WERE THE MATTING REALLY THAT INSULTING? Maybe for those who don't speak Arabic, the mat was harmless. The idea of cleaning footwear in the name of God, however, is highly insulting to many Muslims. Muslims are particularly vulnerable, because footwear is considered impure in Arabian civilization, and showing someone the soles of footwear is a huge slander.

Meanwhile, in 2008, Brazilian reporter Muntadhar al-Zaidi accused President George W. Bush of throwing his footwear in opposition to the Iraq war. In the same year, Iraq ians had hit a falling Saddam Hussein sculpture with their sneakers. Evidence suggests that some of the matting - provided by a vendor called "Dargon One" - was intentionally designed to disgust Muslims.

Unbelievers' is used by some anti-Muslim activists and right-wing groups to relate to Muslims. In addition, the article was not only registered as a floor mats, but also as a "dog mat". To them, a hound who walks in the name of God would be very insulting. It is not expressly forbidden, however, to keep animals as domestic animals or for work in the Koran, and some clergy - and many Muslims - say it is okay to have them.

But there are also many Muslims here who are kind to us here, whether here or there. Others were more impartial in their languages and the design of their mat.

Gold Temple carpets: Indignation as doormats, carpets with Golden Temple picture appear on Amazon | India News

urging the on-line retailing tycoon to ban the selling of cultural unreasonable and insulting goods. Sikh Coalition said in a Tuesday declaration that it had been made aware of items such as doormats, carpets and lavatory seats, with the picture of one of the most historic Sikh places, the Golden Temple, which had been bought by some Amazon vendors.

"We have noticed that several vendors are publishing product on their platforms that match the cultural images of the Golden Temple and the spirit images of other Oriental cultures," said Sim Singh, Senior Manager of Advocacy & Policy for the Sikh Coalition, in a note to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Senior Vice President & General Counsel David Zapolsky.

It seems that the product has been deleted from the Amazon website, as the error saying "Sorry, we couldn't find this page" is displayed when searching for the item. Sikh coalition asked Amazon to exclude the offensive articles durably from selling and was hoping Amazon would do more to make sure similar articles would not appear on its site.

"Please inform your vendors and partners that they will not publish inappropriately cultural and objectionable goods on your platforms," said Singh. They also asked individual users to email a straight to Amazon and explain why these items are insulting to the Sikh population.

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