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26th November: What, you don't use floor mats anymore? - conception

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Klopf, knock, knock! Could you trade mats with a foreigner? | Design and Arts

There' s someone at your door... but not someone you're waiting for. Rather, it is a young Italic who asks a rather strange question: Do you want to change mats with him? Would you like to take him for a nice glass of coffee and learn more about his suggestion? Alex Urso discovered this during a one-month artist's stay in London.

Knobbing around town, equipped with brand new floor matting, he saw if the inhabitants would like to change matting as a sign of friendliness. When the meeting went well, he would walk with someone's old floor mat, which he could use as raw materials for a work of art. "Urso says, "The idea is to make a tessellation out of all the floor matting that embodies London's readiness to be open," when I join him for a cool evening with the Hammersmith doors beating.

Every house does not have a floor mat to change, and even if they do, most knocks at the doors remain unresponded. An older dame opens her doors, but she's deaf and can't hear what Urso is saying, so we go apologizing. Yet another girl comes onto the veranda but doesn't want to open it, distrustful of what Urso wants.

But Urso had already had bader meetings. "He said I wanted to talk to him about these emotions, but there was no way to reassure him," Urso states. Eventually we bang on a knocking gate that opens. There is a zigzag floor mat outside, which has particularly appealed to Urso's taste, and the wife is ready to hear his tale.

When she heard him, she said that she would like to change matting, but first she had to talk to her husbands because it was a gift from his mom. Unfortunately he is gone, and once again Urso goes empty-handed, more than a little depressed. I' m starting to wonder if anyone in London is gonna give us a floor mat today.

Coming from France, despite her confusion, she' s always ready to talk to us about what it means to be welcome in Britain today: "I have the feeling that everyone on this road is quite open," she says. All she can't comprehend is why someone wants to trade a new, clean mat (classically labeled tan with "Welcome" printed in black) for her worn one.

Naturally, he is conscious that the willingness to replace floor mats is not a specific yardstick for an inviting posture. However, he says that he measured frankness not only by the mat market, but also by dialog. It was only when an encounters were considered antagonistic that he went so far as to include them in his tessellation, with an inverted floor mat in unsightly dark gum representing unwelcomedness.

Besides the 35 mat Urso gathered at the rally, there are seven points in the red - not a poor one. Urso is often about bridging the gap: the 31-year-old currently resides in Warsaw, where he is also strongly engaged in various artistic project curatorships between Poles and Italians. What does he think he has learnt about them after several months of seeing foreigners in London?

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