Double door Floor Mat

Two-door floor mat

Non-slip pads for carpets Non-slip pads for floor coverings Non-slip pads Floor protectors. Here you will find large, wide and durable floor mats for double doors. Upholstered carpet mat cushion for home living room bedroom floor. Vinyl underlaid olefin carpet for the entrance to the double door. Exterior mats are the first line of defence for protecting your indoor flooring.

Find mats for double door

Ranging from offices to shops to retail stores, many establishments have a series of double entrance gates at the main entrance. Twin door systems offer a number of advantages over simple individual door systems, such as improved airflow and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Buying matting for the storeys in front of, through and over the double door can be simple.

We have a large number of standard matting, tiling and grilling solutions to meet a large number of requirements. Width: How broad are the hinged door panels? When yes, consider this area when performing floor covering measurement. Length: What is the length of the floor to be sheeted? Greater max. fluid and dirt containment, it is advisable that mat, tile or deep barbecue system is long enough to hold 4 forward levels.

Will the mat be placed in front of the door, in an anteroom or on the inside of the door? Proposals will be categorised according to the place where the mat, tile or deep grid is to be located. Apart from double door, we suggest the use of large floor matting made of a resistant fabric that can withstand adverse climatic conditions, severe cleaning and unrelenting pedestrian movement.

Generally, you should avoid using carpets, as they become dirty and more prone to abrasion. Recommend product: It also has a one-of-a-kind dam edge that allows the mat to hold back up to 1 full gallon at a time. The vestibule is great for controlling temperature and removing dust, deposits and humidity from the inside of an installation.

However, when these specific trays are located between two pairs of double door kits, a one-of-a-kind security problem arises. A vestibule can hold large inflows and outflows of visitors as it is located between two double gates, so it is important that security floor coverings have high levels of drag, low tread pattern and clear identification. The recommended product:

Berber Deco ribbed mat (picture left) is the perfect choice for busy double door entrance lobbies. Durable and easily cleaned, these blankets are available in any length with a width up to 13'2". Inside double door real estate owner have much more options for security flooring, tile and sunken barbecueing.

They can be selected for both aesthetic and functional qualities, without the concern of weathering by winds, rains, snow as well as icing. Inside, real estate landlords can select from material such as carpets, rubbers, vinyl, propylene and other environmentally sound options such as chocolate matting. Suggested product: Berber Supreme entrance mat (picture left) is one of the highest grade mat in the world.

It is large enough to bridge the width of double door, but adaptable enough to suit most furnishing layouts. Our Berber matting is actually available in 45 striking colours such as autumn red, night blue, black walnut, hunter green and much more!

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