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Industrial office mats for entrances to elevators and escalators. Wall-to-wall mats are high-quality, durable mats, ideal for high-traffic elevator cabins. Lift mats offer protection against slipping and falling and remove dirt from shoes that get into the lift. Back vinyl, plush carpet surface, popular colours. Elevator mats in custom size provide sufficient coverage to reduce slippage and falls in elevators and are made of the same rugged material as Waterhog floor mats.

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Doormats are used in all establishments in various capacity. Entry mats are the most efficient way to stop dust and humidity at the doors and reduce the cost of maintaining the buildings to a minimum. Wherever security is a must, anti-fatigue and upholstery mats meet employees' needs for consciousness, good-being and goodheartedness.

Individual Logo Mats & Message Mats are also an ideal way to convey a corporate identity or message to your staff or clients. And if you're not sure what kind of mats you need, take a look at our sample floor plan or call 1-888-226-2724 and a member of our distribution team will be happy to help.

Carpet mats are high grade, durable mats, perfect for high frequency elevator cars.

Carpet mats are high grade, durable mats, perfect for high frequency elevator cars. Manufactured from needle-punched Polypropylen, these mats have a tight, weighty area and are well suitable for the hard industrial use. - These elevator mats have a high-low, nail-resistant finish that helps clean footwear and provide extra grip. - These elevator mats are made lightfast and dry quickly by means of ultraviolet stabilisers.

  • Elevator mats have a durable elastic underlay and a bevelled edge on all sides. You can also offer an edge only on the front side of the elevator doors. ** The mats can be produced up to a width of 13' 4" and practically any length, please ask for prices.

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In order to start with an offer, simply submit a drawing (hand-drawn is fine!) of your elevator with all the dimensions indicated: It is recommended to leave a 1/4? space around all corners and round your readings to the next 1/4 inches. The majority of our elevator mats are made from our Kermode, our high-quality button mat.

Basic 5 mats for lifts

The Elevator Pad is a safe way to avoid accidents and high cost of repairs. These suspended cushions form a first line of defence against lateral impact in both lifts for passengers and goods. Lift mats are just as important in preventing undesirable scrapes, notches and damages from collecting over the years.

However, what kind of ground cover is best for your elevator? Select an elevator belt according to your needs. Take into account not only the intended use of your lift (e.g. passenger/goods traffic), but also the surroundings in which it is operated. Below you will find our most beloved elevator mats.

Barber mats are one of our most beloved commercially available product mats. No wonder many shopkeepers find these thick, long-lasting and elastic mats to be the perfect elevator mats. The Berber mats have a special elastic underlay for additional anti-skid protection and ensure that the mats remain in place on the elevator ground. Stamp your elevator pad with a corporate motto or logotype for an individual note.

Graphic Impressions Logomat is a powerful floor protection feature that gives any company the ability to fully customise elevator mats with digital print logo and design. Is your company equipped with a goods lift operating under either damp or semi-wet condition? When yes, you should install rubber drainage mats to prevent slipping and falls while protecting the elevator floor.

Commercially available mats efficiently divert moisture under the tread to help keep the tread firmly and securely in place. Few floor coverings offer more convenience and versatility than Turtle Tile Tile Shower Matting for lifts used in either damp or semi-wet environments. Special developed dewatering tile can be used to keep elevator floorings clean, secure and hygienic.

Ideally suited for use in lifts leading to and from a swimming pool, changing room or showers. The Hog Heaven plush mats are loved in a wide range of work settings where workers and maintenance personnel stand for long periods of time. These mats are a practical and aesthetic way of ensuring the safety and well-being of personnel throughout the entire working day in installations where lifts are operated with accompanying persons.

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