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The rooms were historically decorated with handmade carpets. Load engraved carpets with a brilliant pattern of pop or unexpected artificial linen. Made of velvet in a floral, engraved pattern. Grab this amazing offer on rubberized carpet red leaves engraved doormat from WHY Decor? Three-piece bathroom carpet set with engraved design enriches every room with unmistakable style.

Do you have a one-of-a-kind colour schemes or designs in your home and couldn't find what you were looking for?

Do you have a one-of-a-kind colour schemes or designs in your home and couldn't find what you were looking for? Don't be satisfied with the next best thing - make your own individual carpets directly from your webspace! Apart from the fact that you fit perfectly into the remainder of the house of your dreams, you will also have the feeling of being proud to add your own individual note to your individuality.

With our customized carpet designing softwares you can create for your area carpets the :


The rooms were decorated with hand-made rugs. Today we are often looking for rugs that we can place in our rooms. Our carpet designs, colours and dimensions create beautiful and harmonious interiors in your own room. While Kooches handcrafted rugs have long been valued for their refined colouring, contemporary, classic styling and far-reaching charm, it is the untiring love of detail at every phase of Kooches' manufacturing and designing process that puts Kooches rugs in a class of their own.

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All our high-quality, individually inserted rugs, carpets and rugs can be designed according to your individual wishes. Your order can be made either with flexible carpets for indoor use, or with weatherproof materials for outdoor use. Diane M. "We got the carpets aboard this mornin' and they are great!

"I have the carpets and they look great!

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Don't be shy about mixing colours, designs and texts to make a nice, coherent room that embraces your own personal taste! It is our privilege to have one of the limited Karastan Mystic Garden Area carpets available here in our Area Rug showroom. Of the Axminster fabric, woollen and satin carpets, only 75 were made.

Every carpet is individually stamped and stamped by Tracy Pruitt, Karasthan's VP of Creative Art, and comes with a signature and engraved locket, making Mystic Garden a collector's piece right from the start. The Mystic Garden has a naturally organically feeling but retains unmistakable properties. Visit us and rummage through our new range of Nourison carpet.

The Nourison range provides an exceptional choice for almost any type of decor. For our clients we are creating many individual rugs. The Nourison range includes a wide variety of products, from handcrafted signatures such as Nourison 2000 to prestigious design ranges such as Calvin Klein, from Ashton House's best-selling rugs to the Grand Parterre range, which provides an incomparable degree of luxuriousness and refinement in weaving.

One of the trends we love about Area carpets is a merger of high-fashion transitional designs and classical carpet designs in trendy colours. Well, we have a choice in our areaug showroom. For this carpet, we have begun by selecting the correct box from the pattern books.

Once the carpet was finished, we designed an individual upholstery and supplied everything to his new home. Facing a large individual room that has so many roles to play - entrance, dinning room, lounge, open air room, fully lined open fire place - we face the challenges of selecting and rearranging just the right carpets. Our plans for this special house were gradually worked out after a site survey and a targeted quest for samples, colours and style.

Plans developed into free carpets for each room area and created comfortable areas within the large room.

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