Entrance Doormat

Doormat entrance

Where cleanliness and security are concerned, you should never overlook the importance of the door mat to your business. The Authentics entrance mat was designed by Marcus Jehs and Jurgen Laub for the Authentics label. Floor mats for revitalizing and decorating your floors. Creating good Feng Shui in your main entrance. Entrance mat printed with Eiffel Tower Anti-slip waterproof mat (camel).

Authentic entrance Doormat

Its splash-free material and appealing shape will make it a practical complement to any veranda or backroom area. The Jehs and Laub brands are one of the most seasoned European designpartnerships. At the beginning of the 90s, the Germans became pioneers in the field of industry and collaborated with renowned firms such as Mercedes Benz, for whom they developed a global model for their showrooms.

Her work on a smaller-scale has been just as successful as this Authentics entrance mat shows. Manufactured from tough gum, this doormat is specially engineered to minimize fringe - usually one of the problems of doormat users. Rather than using delicate fibers, it's made from tough synthetics that provide great support and protection to the ground without quickly damaging it.

Floor mat surfaces are also imbedded in an elastic aluminum wheel that gives the entire range a distinctive look, making it more than just another convenient one. Measuring 40 x 60 cm, it is a convenient sized unit for most entrance areas and can be stowed away whenever it is needed.

Authentic entrance Doormat Indoors

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