Entrance Grate

entry grate

For every entrance CS has the right floor covering solution. Architectural Hendrick manufactures functional and aesthetically pleasing entrance grilles and grilles. Industrial or commercial metal grilles made of aluminium or stainless steel without carpets or vinyl inlays. From large entrances in shopping centres to doors in small buildings, we manufacture entrance gratings for all conceivable entrances. Entrance grille in aluminium for function and beauty in entrance areas.

Ground gratings & entrance mats

Possibly you have seen a barbecue at the entrance of many building, especially of high volume building, these are gratings. Essentially a large grate; it is very important because it can effectively eliminate debris and silt. Whether you are active in the architectonic landscaping, building or engineer markets for gratings or entrance matting for esthetic or security reasons, Paige Stainless can meet your needs by using our high quality specialties.

Our own HAIGE HEELGUARDĀ® is used to produce the most durable gratings and entrance matting. With our gratings for floors and entrance matting we are able to minimise the risk of falls, high damages to heels and ankles or feet caused by flooding or just bad workmanship.

The Paige Stainless product does this through our unmatched anti-slip wedge wired construction that specializes in securely removing excess moisture, minimizing the amount of ground moisture and minimizing the chance of slipping and falling. Constructed of high-grade steel, the mandatory entrance deck can give slim and contemporary designs to structures, gardens and urban areas while preserving their functional qualities.

The Paige high-grade steel bottom grilles and entrance grilles are low-maintenance, simple to maintain, reliably filters all excess flows or debris into a drain system and reduces the cost of housekeeping. Correctly designed and placed mats can prolong the lifespan of all indoor flooring and surfacing and maintain its look and aesthetic appeal.

We at Paige Stainless can help you choose and design the right barbecue for your needs. Choosing an entrance carpet requires you to consider several considerations, such as the level of pedestrian activity, meteorological condition, wastewater treatment and other environment considerations.

Designed to prevent slipping, our bespoke matting prevents dust, grime and damp from getting into the structure by trapping the floor and draining away excess rain and reduce the amount of water/dirt that is distributed across the lobby of the structure. Barbecue handles provide more secure access to any kind of property, regardless of the number of people.

Stainless steel Paige gratings: High quality, high quality gratings can be used in various surroundings including: Working with a committed design and construction teams and engineering staff, we can offer you a tailor-made system for your flooring requirements. Whether you need a straight grate or something more accurate and architectonic, we have the answer.

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