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Entry mats keep your floors clean and dry from incoming pedestrian traffic. Entry mats can be used both indoors and outdoors. Door mats made of rubber, carpet and vinyl made of high-quality materials for a long service life.

Entry mats, running rails, entrance door mats

Entry matting is an indispensable addition to any interior. We offer high performance entrance matting in a variety of different fabrics which include carpeting, bonded Vinyl and Gummi. Doormats are the best way for a company to be proactive in avoiding such incidents and liabilities. Intelligently using exterior and front matting is the best way to improve security.

In addition, these mat ting systems are a reminder to your visitors that they are entertaining a neat and tidy working environment that places emphasis on visitors' security. The Premier carpets are the highest grade carpets in today's industrial sector. As the most beloved of our backing mat rubbers, it offers a closely interwoven soft top for maximum convenience and function.

Dense, fluffy rug finish. The Ultra-Twist heat-set fabric catches the hardest soiling. Fabric rugs are the heaviest and most resistant high-quality rugs, which are also washable. Because of the thick backing, these carpets are heavy and long life than any other industrial mat with pad.

Smooth and thick plushy finish. The Berber Supreme entrance mats are characterized by the distinctive Berber finish with high draught. It is the industrial benchmark for dust and humidity resistance. Perfect for entrance areas, entrance halls and lifts! Ideally suited for strong indoor and outdoor use. Unsurpassed resistance to harsh soiling, grime and humidity.

A pronounced finish design is loved in hotel and Class A properties. The mat has a commercially available vulcanized steel base for outstanding strength and long life. The Berber Supreme brush mats have the same unique look and feel as our cocoa mats. Berber has produced this mat as an option to the cocoa doormat. Ideally suited for strong vehicular use, both indoor and outdoor.

Structured brush finish for outstanding grip and resistance to soiling. High-quality elastic coating for maximum longevity and resistance to weathering. Fibres woven with finest bristles and rough, lightfast / repellent structured surfaces. The Berber Deco ribbed mat is one of our most popular entrance mat. The Deco Rib is one of the most efficient ways to trap dust and humidity from the doors.

A distinctive Berber high-low knob feature is characteristic of the doormat. Agressive, high-low roof top designs allow dust and damp ness to drop under the mattop. The Waterhog Classic mat has become the benchmark for mats and entrance mats. Our patent-pending quadratic wafer patterns combine best function with an aesthetic appealing finish.

Ideally suited for medium to strong indoor and outdoor transport use. The Waterhog Edge keeps 1.5 gal ons of groundwater per square metre. The crease proof Polypropylen sample quickly dry es and humidity, while dust and deposits are trapped under the tread. The Waterhog Fashion floor mats provide a matchless edge to our Waterhog doormat.

Our patent-pending quadratic wafer patterns combine best function with an esthetically appealing, crush-resistant finish. Neoprene knobs quickly adsorb and contain humidity. Unparalleled "waffle" construction traps grime / deposits under the mat finish. Ideally suited for medium to strong indoor and outdoor transport use. The Waterhog ECO Premier is one of the most environmentally sound doormats available!

Wrinkle-free diamonds and burr free designs aggresively trap dust and humidity under the tread. Ideally suited for moderately to heavily frequented indoor and outdoor areas. The Waterhog ECO Elite consists of 100% recyclable synthetic resin cylinders, making it one of the most environmentally sound doormats available today.

Ideally suited for medium to severe use indoors and out. An aggressive crush-resistant fishbone cleaner for cleaning grime and deposits. The Waterhog Masterpiece is designed with a heightened roof top cage construction that collects dust and damp deeply beneath the mat area. Ideally suited for medium to strong interior and exterior use.

Rubberized, strengthened edges enhance the firmness and endurance of the mat. The anti-microbial system is durably attached to each fibre of rug, offering long life and effectively controlling the life of odours. 100 percent vulcanized back for excellent grip and grip. Certifies "high traction" by the National Fl oor Safety Institute. Classical brush mats have rigid clusters of monofilaments interwoven into the mat fabricate.

100 percent nitrile back coating for excellent grip and traction. Protect large areas and the environment with our Waterhog ECO Elite roll mat! Durable nitrile back for grip. Manufactured from 100% recyclable material, this entrance mat has pressure-resistant bars that remove dust and contain soiling! The Waterhog ECO Grand Premier has a semi-oval shape that complements the first two levels inside or outside a doorway.

Elegant, semi-oval designs are a trendy variant of common doormats. Ideally suited for medium to strong loads. Waterhog's proprietary, crush-resistant polished finish guarantees fast drying of the water! The Waterhog ECO Grand Elite has a semi-oval shape that complements the first two levels inside or outside a doorway.

Elegant semi-oval shape gives a different and distinctive look to the ordinary daily mat. Ideally suited for medium to strong loads. The Waterhog is one of the most environmentally sound mat on the shelves! Waterhog ECO Grand Premier - Two-End Matting provides efficient cleansing, soil removal and classy decoration for a variety of business and home environments.

100 percent recyclable finish / environmentally sound design! Waterhog Ec Grand Elite - Two-End is indispensable for large area coverage in the lobby, entrance and outdoor areas. Equipped with the Waterhog's exclusive pressure-resistant waterhog-ridge, these environmentally safe floors cleaning mat contain even the most stubborn soil and soiling! Our matting is made of a fluffy olefin yarns structure that provides a smooth padded running tread!

They are mildew and soil repellent and easily cleaned. Chovron entrance matting features a sturdy chovron construction that ensures superior abrasion in all direction with modest travel. Chivron grooves efficiently scratch grime and deposits from all angles. A series of kevron fins collect dust under the running mat.

Creased entrance mats are engineered to collect debris and humidity under the mat tread so that your entrance mat looks neat and keeps debris on the doormat. Corrugated entrance mat provides effective and agressive cleaning. Agressive, high-low roof top designs allow dust and damp ness to drop under the mattop.

A slightly elevated, high-low groove pattern is used in every type of entrance mat. Densely interwoven propylene thread and sturdy backing make this and the perfect aesthetic entrance mat a robust scraper in temperate traffic areas. Wiper mat has a 100% latex structure, which is designed for long life!

Elevated lamps are effective at cleaning pedestrian areas and catching dust under the mat as well. Wiper pads are available in three different designs, among them our Olong, Circular and Multi-Directional designs! The rubberized entrance pads have tens of millions of sealed copolymer rubbers fingertips that have efficiently lifted extra weight of grime out of view and kept it under the tread.

Comes in a range of different dimensions to suit practically any door! Elastic draining matting has an elastic multidirectional moving top layer that removes debris and impurities efficiently. Raised top face with large perforations for simple dewatering! Manufactured from 100% nitrile elastomer. oft Floor drain mat are durable structural draining massage pads which are comfortable to wear and comfortable even on naked toes.

Punched perforations ensure outstanding draining under the mat and away from the tread. The Soft Foot is 7/16" thick and offers maximum comforts. This is one of our most soft feeler pads made of gum with anti-fatigue mat. Tyre connecting door matting is made from recycled/galvanised steel reinforced bars. This environmentally sound mat is hard-wearing and almost unbreakable.

Engineered to keep the same load for the transport of horse and bovine on the floor of trailers, these Tire Link pads are engineered for long life. 100 percent recyclable caoutchouc and 12-piece galvanised structural steel. 3.5 mm thick. Developed to remove even the most stubborn stains and deposits and to leave residues under the mat-face.

Chipsapeake Turf Recess mats offer excellent soil wiping performance with their crimped twist fibres and a solid mix of propylene fibres incorporated into the mat finish. Strong propylene fibres efficiently wipe away dust and deposits from shoe insoles, and keep your hobbies cleaner and drier. Rigid, erect Polypropylenfasern offer a stable hold over the humidity and the dirt. Good for the skin.

Our Vinyls Link doors are made of square elements connected by industry standard poles of high-grade SS. High grade steal structure and plastic joints ensure superb longevity while providing a slightly different look for your entrance or doorframe.

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