Entrance Mats for Homes

Entry mats for apartments

Entry mats are suitable for many different environments including retail stores, warehouses and offices. Take a look at our large selection of entrance mats for your home. Purchase online with fast delivery or call us. IndoorMat is designed to meet the requirements of any door or entrance and retain dirt and liquids. Best agents sell houses faster and for more money.

Entrance mats for indoor use - domestic use

Interior entrance mats help capture dust and damp before it gets into your home. Since these mats are in your home, it may be important to look at many different lifestyles and colours in order to get to the entrance mats that is perfectly suited for your home. Here you will find a large choice of living room mats for the interior.

When using a doormat on a rug, it may be advisable to use a rubberized pad with grabs to minimise the motion of the pad. It is also important to ensure that there is space for doorways that open above your mats. When you need help locating the best outdoor mats for your home, please call us.

Choosing a carpet for an entrance area | Entrance mats & treadmills

Name it a lobby, an entrance lobby, an entrance hall. No matter whether you want to make a great first impact or decorate part of the ground along the corridor, the right entrance mats or the right walker is the ultimative hair stylist for you. There is a lot to consider when deciding on a carpet for an entrance such as form, height, style and color, not to speak of the shelf life of the carpet.

Find one that fits your room. Entrance mats and skids are not only a good way to beautify your room, they also help keep your floor covering from general abrasion. Serengeti Weave Serengeti' s cannabis design provides an unbelievably durable entrance pad and rug, ideal when small children often run too high.

Drift Weave offers ranges of durable cannabis and virgin wools for longevity and gentle heat, or make a statement with the Berber Knot Atlas, a virgin woolen carpet that is smooth and luxury under the feet. When you don't have a corridor, a round carpet can be an elegantly designed addition to your entrance area.

Measurements are important in the search for the ideal stretcher or the ideal entrance mats. Though they are generally all oblong, the ideal thing you will want is something that works for your room. If you choose a carpet stretcher, remember how much surface area you want to have on both sides of the carpet.

Thus, for example, an 80 cm broad bishop works perfect with a 1 meter broad shed. For an entrance mats, we provide three different dimensions: 50 x 80cm, 60 x 100cm and 50 x 140cm. Next thing you need to consider is the type and color of your entrance mats or runners.

Keep in mind that one of the main functions of an entrance mats is to keep your debris and sludge from finding their way into your home, so they are bound to get a little untidy. Carpets with patterns, such as Serengeti fabrics, can be very lenient and give the room a visible part.

Color does not necessarily mean that it is light and strong. Carpets made with conventional weave technologies and virgin fibers often have a pale and abraded texture that can give a room a certain eternality. Functions don't mean you have to give up your shape. When you are not sure which type of carpet or entrance mats is right for you, we will be glad to help you make the right choice.

We are open on Fridays and Saturdays, and our employees would be happy to take a look at photographs of your room to see what you can do. This programme will help you learn the best way to place carpets in any room and immerse yourself in the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Armadillo&Co products.

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