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Anti-fatigue mats & entrance mats included. Our location reports are available throughout Great Britain and Europe, often accompanied by our sales partners. Send an email to technical@quantum-ps.co.

uk. for technical support and specification support. Entry mats are one of the most important barriers that prevent dirt and water from being walked on by pedestrians and getting onto the floor of a building. View Tackymats, the UK's leading brand of sticky floor mats, tacks and wipes and sticky rolls.

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Highly frequented, schools need long-lasting, high-quality mats to cope with the heavy everyday use. Scraping and wiping students' shoes is one of the major causes of a mats in a student entrance, which is why Mats4U Waterhog mats are the ideal mesh solutions from Mats4U.

Waterhog mats have been developed to keep soil and moisture away from your child's legs and to make sure that no soil or germs are traced around the classroom. It is a great way to maintain a secure and cleaner child care area. The Waterhog not only keeps all flooring tidy, it also prevents slip -ups, stumbling blocks and drops that can happen during peak hours, dries your damp foot and provides a good kicking hold, which means there are no bad crashes during play time or when changing lessons.

The mats not only efficiently and qualitatively keep the footwear in good condition, i.e. they last year after year for up to five years without being replaced. Waterhog works with individually strengthened knobs that avoid squeezing the mats' surfaces over the years, so they can be used every year without damaging the surfaces.

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In addition, we offer the most progressive program in the sector for the renovation of entrance mats. This page contains a host of information to help you choose the right look for your latest Primary Mating, Secondary Mating, Rollable Grid, Heavy Duty, Low Profile Mating, Tufted Nylon Pile, Polypropylene Rib, Rubber Rib, Open Construction or Closed Construction.

Initially a contractor for the largest entrance carpet producers, the firm is widely recognized as a leader in providing carpet laying solutions to the sector. It is a family-owned business which has gradually evolved and evolved over three generation periods by developing and producing under the brand name of UKM entrance carpets and carpet assemblies covering a broad spectrum of the most favourite styles currently available on the global markets.

The UKM takes into account the environment before, during and after the production cycle. The UKM research and development has allowed the UKM to manufacture mat system with more than 85% recovered materials, which are substantially 100% recoverable, which is of the utmost importance for green oriented use. There is widespread recognition that an efficient entrance mat, correctly specified and fitted, can drastically lower the cost of business space clean-up and upkeep.

In addition, increased focus is now being placed on their role in reducing the rate of emergency accidents on access roads. In 1995, the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), which was enacted to recognise the need for a more integrated disability management system, required certain requirements for entrance flooring. As a supplier and installer of entrance mats and entrance carpet system.

The UK mats are producers of entrance mats and the information on the website relates both to the manufacture of mats and to our service in laying mats. Since we are also designer of entrance floor mats, the contents relate to entrance floor application or system. Entry carpets and mats under the UKM trade mark include a broad selection of the most sought-after mats currently available on the global floor.

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