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Protected Weidan carpet entrance mat for indoor and outdoor use, for scraping deposits and absorbing moisture from shoes. From economical ribbed carpet mats to aluminum strips suitable for high cadence, our wide range of carpet entrance mat solutions includes Hard-wearing carpet, vinyl and rubber mats keep your entrances covered when people are on the move. Carpet and vinyl repairer. These entrance mats combine aluminium retaining profiles with carpets, ribbed rubber treads or abrasive grains that provide a non-slip surface.

Highly resilient entrance mats and carpets in the carpet underlay business

All of the items we have in our warehouse are engineered to provide outstanding value for money, so don't waste time finding something to suit your needs from our wide range of entrance matting. Apartment entrance matting is the first thing that people will see when they walk into your home, so it needs to be classy, subtile and convenient.

Installation of one of our entrance matting for your home to avoid the ingress of debris into your home, they are not only a classy complement, they can also help preserve and preserve the qualities of your rugs and floor coverings that tend to be heavily walked on! Find out more about the different kinds of entrance matting we offer!

Dirt & Moisture Barrier Zoit Carpet Mats

The Integra Zoit is also insect, mold and mold proof and non-allergenic. The Zoit is integrated into the Integra Vantt 2500 mat line, which allows the color matching of the designers and the coherent flowing of different mat areas. Color of product: Obtain an end-to-end end-to-end end-to-end for our portfolio, from deployment to on-site upkeep.

We offer the following floor mats

Safeguard your flooring and prevent slipping with our high-quality entrance matting of the first choice. Entrance matting is engineered for optimum floor protection and is available in various dimensions and finishes. This multi-functional Duett entrance pad is made of tough fibers that pick up dust and humidity.

Entrance matting is all fitted with vinyls and clean vinyls. Enduro was developed to remove and remove dust and humidity at the same time. The Stardust is produced from solution-dyed yarn and is therefore very durable against lightweight and chloride-containing detergents. This makes the mat perfect for rooms that are subjected to intense use in industry.

Elegant entrance mat with one-of-a-kind design. Stripes of horizontally forming the compartment and crossing the running directions.

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