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The UK Mat is a supplier and installer of entrance mats, carpets and flooring systems for industrial and commercial use. Browse the websites of these manufacturers to compare different models of entrance mats. Here you will find products and manufacturers of entrance mats. Make the first step to cleanliness - on our entrance mat systems. Décramat entrance mat manufacturer and rubber horse surfaces.

Entry mats - All architectural and designer manufacturers

Our Koralleingangböden can extend the lifetime of your ground as well as the purification expenses and the slip danger substantially reduces. More than 50 years of expertise and Forbo Corporation's expertise provide you with the best entry point... ... ... for transport sites and where high ground loads have to be taken away from the sole of footwear and wheel arches.

The Nuway Tuftiguard is a perfect mesh system for all entrance areas, both inside and outside, where you have to cope with heavier load and intensive foot and/or cycle use. Ideally for the admission of rough Schmutz Roll-up, extremly hard-wearing entrance matt for installation on the ground. Matting adapted to the width and running distance....... with medium numbers of people.

Ideally for the admission of rough Schmutz Roll-up, extremly hard-wearing entrance matt for installation on the ground. Matting that is adapted to the width and gait... .... Matting with aluminium body. Mesh deep of 22 mm. Easy to expand to any desired height by adding multiple meshes. The PediTred® SA (G7) is an architectonic entrance grille ideally suited for high frequency areas.

Enclosed, hard-wearing entrance matting that is ideally matched to the width and running height requirements. Suited for transport on wheels. The Droog material: .... use the latest in recycling compound technologies to provide the latest secure, lightweight sleeper junctions for high-load homes. The TopClean entrance matting from Geggus E-M-S is characterized by permanent and high-efficiency isolation....

The Proper Tex's particular characteristics are its long service life and extreme strength. In Australia, architectural entrance mats from stepRight are designed and produced from heavy-duty anodized aluminum profiles to create an appealing, secure and easy to maintain interface between the interior structural requirements of the buildings.... The GUZZLER Elevated, crease-resistant Waffeldesign mat with excellent ground and surface controls For moderate to difficult areas 1/4 to 9 Flor heights, 20 ft. per square meter HERITAGE REIB heavier double-ribbed mat with high/low waterhor output... The Metro Mat System provides a secure way through the entire area.

The Metro range of matting products remove large and small particles such as debris, sludge, sand droplets and humidity before they have a chance to.... The Jaguar is a durable main entrance carpet for all high and harsh road environments, as well as airport, metro, mall, building and more. Entry matting, revolving door grilles Entry matting helps to keep a check on chemicals and dirty contaminants, keeps indoor spaces andobbies clean, limits the exposition of occupants and....

Frontrunner entrance matting system is a range of products suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, enabling you to create the look and effect you want. In order to design your entrance mats individually, we need your company image in mats.

Novomat® special panel can be mounted on new or old matting, or on a new or old matting.... The Emac Complementos, S.L..... industrial floor coverings are an efficient protective layer against the penetration of dusts, humidity and grime, providing the floor coverings with maximal resistance and resistance. You carry guarantees the pedestrian transport of 50000 humans....

The Emac Complementos, S.L. Novomat for Wells is a complete entrance mesh chamber kitsolution. Those matting is an efficient obstacle against ..... You........................................ metallic grilles for entrance areas and ditch heating element grilles for interiors and catwalks. Wir produce entrance grids for all conceivable entries, from large entries....

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