Entrance Rubber Mats

Rubber entrance mats

Rubber honeycomb mats - Teaser picture - Read more. Rugged and durable, these rubber entrance mats are designed to withstand heavy pedestrian traffic and keep you and your family going for years. Have a look at our selection of handy entrance and floor mats. On-site measurements are available to ensure a perfect fit for your tailor-made floor mats. The Next Step is your complete solution for entrance mats, from sales to installation.

Rubber, anti-fatigue and entrance mats

J. T. Dixon has been very well looked after and always offers outstanding after sales services. J. T. Dixon is quick, agile and always goes the extra mile to meet our packing and print requirements. J. T. Dixon felt very comfortable and always offers an outstanding level of after sales support.

J. T. Dixon are quick, agile and always go the extra mile to meet our packing and print requirements.

Logo- Mats | Logo entrance mats | Logo floor mats | Logo floor mats

Embroidered mats offer a practical way of creating brands and advertisements. Your customer and client will have immediate access to your trademark or your company's messages and create a first, sustainable and successful impact. Point-of-sale logomats that are placed in front of products to be presented expand your ad spaces and bind the consumer where 70% of purchasing choices are made.

Most of our logomats are manufactured in our own plant, which allows us to provide a quick, dependable and courteous customer care with precise requirements. You cannot choose which logomat best fits you and your company? As an alternative, call us at 1800 300 311 and we will help you find the best logomats for your needs.

Here you can downlaod the logomat booklet....

Doormats XO2® & Mats for Buildings & Facilities

XO2 carpet flooring solutions for institutions and companies help you reduce costs. Benefit from tried and tested ground mat system that really works. Mats. Today you can still conserve your system with a XO2-system. In order to get the most out of your mat system, it is important to think about the best way to place and maintain your mats.

Proper care and placement of your new carpet will maximize its durability and value. If your entrance mats stop 1 kg of dirt at the door, you've just saved $1500. Beautiful entrance mats bring cash to the institutions. What size should an entrance mats be? So, if you buy a doormat, how big should it be?

You wanna talkto doormats? Call the XO2 support hotline today at 1300 123 499 or e-mail us.

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