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On this page you will not find any information as to why entrance mats and entrance carpets help to reduce slips and falls. with 4x5 entrance ceiling Ranked 4. 5 out of 5. Featuring colourful styles based on abstraction, as well as classical Persian themes charged with a modern pallet, the right hand clothing line is woven in an unusual delicate cruciate binding to produce a shiny pattern. Stacking height: 0.

25'' This subtle geometrical ceiling with its pattern blends perfectly into your living space.

Made from 100% fibre-reinforced Polypropylen weave, it provides a long-lasting nap with low maintenance. Stacking height: 0. 01''' Make your own trendy look with this transition zone carpet in rich print. Unfolded daisies flowers make for a breathtaking look. The non-slip back prevents slipping on wooden, laminated, polished and tiled flooring and is therefore perfect for kitchens, entrances, bathrooms or rooms for families.

Exploring a common fellowship and the feeling of place. Stacking height: 0. 3'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 star. Beautifully machined, this carpet is characterised by a hard-wearing, flat stack of flatter nylons with a contemporary colourway. Elaborate styling along with the colour selection used in this carpet will be an stylish complement to any room in your home.

Ranked 4. 5 out of 5 Stars. With this carpet you can add colour and timeless styling to any room in your home and present a trendy geometrical scheme in shades of blues, blacks and greys. Made in Turkey, this long-lasting piece is made of PP - a synthetical fabric that inherently withstands stains and bleaching - making it an excellent basis for any living area.

With an average pole of 0.47" for a little padding, this item is prepared to unroll without a carpet underneath. Stacking height: 0. 47''' Make a stylish mark in your room and add one of the fine carpets you will find in this range. 100% hand hung 100% PP, with a range of beautifully crafted designs gently placed on a breathtaking hot setting, these perfectly crafted items will radiate easily shimmering charms in any interior or exterior setting.

Stacking height: 0. 25'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 star. Mechanically and powerfully weaved in Turkey from spot and pale proof PP, this enchanting Turkish style shows the sturdy centre with a mandala-inspired edging pattern in structured shades of tonal blues and grey. Ranked 4. 5 out of 5 Stars. Polymypropylene carpets are designed to withstand the high volume of entrance pedestrian flow and occasionally spill under the countertop, making them perfect anchor points for any area of your stay where there is a high risk of mass.

Let's take this example: Made in Turkey, it is made from this must-have fabric (along with canvas, polyesters and cotton) with a low pitch for ease of care. Stacking height: 0. 5'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 star. This seductive mechanical engineering in Turkey made of spot and colour proof olefin-polypropylene shows a decomposed persistent ornament in light grey and light grey tones and ivories.

Stacking height: 0.5'' This range offers you a truly celebratory choice of Christmas themes to celebrate this particular season. Wonderful bright accented carpets - professionally machined from high-quality retufted yarn and precisely imprinted for bright colours. Stacking height: 0. 5'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 star. Our vinyl carpets are characterized by a combination of trendy shades and vinyl fashions that create truly original carpets that will delight your customers.

Machined from microfibre polyesters, these carpets give the look of a real old gem coupled with a stunning affordable price. Stacking height: 0. 25'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 star. Made in Turkey from 100% polyamide, these heavy -duty carpets are an excellent basis for high frequency areas inside and outside the home.

The stain and colour proof construction makes it comfortable to sit in the shade and out in the rains, while its low stacking size of 0.2" makes it simple to use. Stacking height: 0. 2'' A varied pattern that combines well with a wide range of aesthetic styles, this enchanting carpet is a beautiful base for any set.

Mechanically weaved from 100% PP, it is stain and colour proof and can withstand high loads (making it the ideal option for lively entrances and corridors). Stacking height: 0. 5'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 star. Featuring sumptuous, lavish details and a lively haptic, this range will bring any room to life. No matter where you are.

Hand bufted from virgin wools with a thick back of cottons, these traditional carpets will stand up to the most frequented areas of your home. Stacking height: 0. 63'' Evaluated 4. 5 out of 5 Stars. In crowded areas where dirty shoes and feet are inevitably on the move, a carpet of propylene should be the right choice.

Used in Belgium, this model has enough muscles to resist the outside world - and look good at the same time. Stylish designs reminding of sands give the room an appealing look while staying neutrally so that it adapts to any décortile. Stacking height: 0. 01'''' Stacking height: 0. 25'' Evaluated 4. 5 of 5 Stars.

Heat up your hard-wood and tiled flooring while creating the scenery for the remainder of your set, room carpets are indispensable for almost any room in your home. This, with its meshing geometrical pattern, is made in Turkey from natural dirt repellent and light fast plastic, PP, which has been developed to withstand the high volume of incoming air in the entrance area and the incidental spillage under the counter.

With a stacking heigth of 0.5'', it is perfect for creating a comfortable and welcoming feeling in your room..... Refined patterns and textures, subtle coloured Palmstrand carpets complete countless decor themes and pallets. Artistically crafted from durable synthetic fibres, each piece is designed using inspiration from Mother Nature and geometrical shapes: wavy strips.

Stacking height: 0. 25'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 star. Moulded in a neutrally textured, naturally coloured range of colours, the Elmer will easily enrich any room with its versatility of use. Every Elmer début has been extensively tested for fading permanence and offers appealing sisal-inspired aesthetics.

Deluxe and eclectic range of woven fabrics..... Stacking height: 0. 12''' Safavieh's Jardin Collections offers a large selection of fine woollen carpets with a flowery look. Manually scented for superb detail and detail, the Jardin carpets from Safavieh are truly one-of-a-kind, using the latest colours combined with the latest styles for which Safavieh is renowned.

Stacking height: 0. 63'' Add a touch of touch, smoothness and refinement to your home with this tufted hand-woven black and white carpet area. The flat -woven design, reminiscent of traditional vintage carpets from Morocco, conveys a particularly lavish feeling with a sublime trunk design in a soft twill of soft cloth and ivory. Even the most delicate of designs can be found in the flat-woven diamonds. When you want unobtrusive but not dull ground cover, this is the carpet for a home, sleeping or children's room that needs a stylish patch.

Stacking height: 0. 5'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 star. Offering an immediate inauguration ceremony, this magnificent range of high class carpets is a great way to celebrate. Textile loops with an attractive touch and a textured look. Stacking height: 0. 25'' Byzantine, with a complicated Greek key frame surrounding a centre of subtile square, is a totally new beginning for the classical Area carpet.

Weaved in Belgium from improved Polypropylen to withstand moulds and moulds, its luxurious fabric is ideal for interior and exterior use. Stacking height: 0. 25'' With this equatorially inspiring carpet, create a tropic atmosphere on your floor and present a modern theme of palms in shades of white and greens. Manufactured in China, this carpet is 100% handtufted on a thick 0.5" tuft of woolen fabric - ideal for unrolling in cozy lounges or burrowing your toe directly from your bedside in the mornings.

Stacking height: 0.5'' The Safavies Dhurrie collection of flatweave fabrics features vintage geometrical designs that are at home in relaxed, modern and historic environments. Stacking height: 0. 25'' Stylish and traditionally, the stunning items from this range will certainly be an outstanding complement to your decoration. These lively and vintage carpets will give your decoration a certain degree of refinement.

Made of 100% Polypropylen. Stacking height: 0. 137795'' Stacking height: 0. 5'' Handmade woollen hook carpet grade with woollen rubber backing makes it perfect for use in the living room, bath and bedrooms. Stacking height: 1'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 star. Our appealing flower patterns are similar to those of the Orient and are perfect for both classic and contemporary décors.

Stacking height: 0. 63'' Evaluated 4. 5 out of 5. Weaved in Turkey from 100% PP, it is intended for casual use and is easy to clean with a lightweight vacuum cleaner. With a low stacking heigth of 0.31", this carpet is perfect for high frequency areas, especially when small and four-legged buddies are walking around.

Stacking height: 0. 31'' Rated 4. 5 out of 5 Stars. Manufactured from high grade Brasilian leatherwork - the best in the business - the luxury leather carpets are handcrafted and of course softer. By nature, they are dirt-repellent and easily cleaned, making them ideal for any use, even in heavily frequented areas.

Stacking height: 0. 25'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 star. Refined colour and unparalleled feel in a uniquely designed range of high quality accents and room carpets. Stacking height: 0.5''''' (0.5'')

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