Entrance Rugs for Business

Entry carpets for companies

Entrance mats for indoor and outdoor areas for private households and companies Staff and clients come and go to your company and have a Mississippi Mud Pie lying on your ground. Perhaps you could move your business to Southern California? It' a little bit less expensive than, you know, channelling your whole business and a little more reliably than The Rainmaker.

Entry matting is an important element in making your floors look beautiful and new even under the toughest circumstances. Waters and snows can cause slipping risks on tough substrates, while debris and sludge are a serious problem for maintaining. All these problems can be prevented with high-quality interior and exterior footboards.

Exterior door matting is the first line of protective cover for your interior floors. Designed to remove surplus sludge, debris, water spray and snows from boots, these pads are critical to the durability of your soils. A bodyguard, the entrance carpet outside would be Kevin Costner and your house covering would be Whitney Houston.

And, as in this film, the entrance carpet outdoors is always a great help. As entrance matting outdoors is permanently subject to the effects of the weather, it must be made of a material that can withstand this inrush. We offer a wide range of matting made of gum, yarns, vinyl and coconut.

They are all very long-lasting and easily cleaned and cared for. Interior floor matting is the last line of defence for your floor. They help trap surplus rain, sludge, snow as well as debris, which the entrance pad could not do outdoors. Inside entrance matting is usually longer than outside matting to absorb as much humidity and sludge as reaches your floor.

Entrance matting for interior use is not exposed to the panels on a day-to-day base, so the material used does not have to withstand the rough external conditions. It is the primary aim of these pads to absorb as much moisture as possible and to remove as much debris as possible from the boots.

Inside our matting consists of polyamide and thread.... Each of these pads has a special elastic backing that keeps the pad in place even under extreme wear and tear. Thread entrance matting can be used inside and outside. Thread is an excellent matting for entrance matting as it absorbs moisture like a foam.

Thread entrance matting is not so good against grime and dusts, but is easy to clean with a hoover or tube. Typical application areas for entrance matting are outdoors. A feature that makes rubbers great for exterior entrance matting is that they become even more slip-resistant in damp conditions.

Our floor matting fulfils two purposes - it scratches off surplus dust and catches surplus humidity. It is very simple to wash these meshes with a tube. Ideal for areas where excessive humidity is present. With a woven fibre construction, these pads scratch off surplus grime and grime from your footwear and trap surplus wet.

The surplus humidity flows through the pad and to the floor. They are very simple to wash and service using a tube. Nylon is one of the most flexible fibres for entrance matting. The nylon is ideal for inner matting as it is stain, fade and crush-proof.

Interior nylon floor matting is easy to care for than other fabrics. As a rule, nylon pads are slightly more costly and are ideal for cleaning and shaving shoe insoles. It also dries quickly, making it ideal for areas with heavy rainfall. They can be vacuumed to remove dust and stains.

Entrance floor coverings made of Kokosfaser are the embodiment of the old-fashioned entrance floor covering. They are made from the shell of Kokosnus bowls, which gives them their excellent brushwork characteristics. Kokosmatten are not the fastest dries and tend to dirt. They are very much appreciated as living space blankets, but not very widespread in business settings as they are not suitable for wheelchairs.

Coconut fibre floor mats are simple to wash with a tube.

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