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access carpet

The modular and panel-shaped entrance systems in our portfolio provide a carpet entry solution that helps to minimise the penetration of dirt into any situation. Afghan carpet (or Afghan carpet) is a kind of hand-woven floor covering fabric traditionally made in Afghanistan. The mat service program ensures punctual delivery of anti-fatigue mats, individual logo mats, entrance mats and more. The Birrus Entry Mat is the only entry mat in Australia with a NATA approved slip test rating (at the time of publication). Lessee signs the report on the entry conditions and the rental agreement.

The Novatred entrance mat | WA MADE MATTEN

After years of working closely with the carpet manufacturing industries, the entrance carpet has been designed to create a design styled carpet that feels smooth yet durable, while removing dust and humidity without the excess sound normally associated with this kind of carpet. November 1000: Uses a cheap carpet inside (good UV resistance) and has a two year warrenty.

Nov. 2000: Featuring high grade cutting fleece lining (excellent cleaning properties) and twelve year guarantee. The use of this device improves room temperature by controlling particulate overflow. Tufted cut flor has the capacity to reduce noise and also makes a beneficial impact on the well-being of people in a build.

It has a contemporary designer that successfully covers the walkable debris, reducing humidity and protects the adjacent soils. Our insert is manufactured using sun light and 33% of the yarn is recycle. Available in an accurate color (except Rib Rubber) to fit Novemberred stripes.

It is now available in off-the-shelf size for fast and simple installations. Installed designer entrance mats made from bright rolled or anodised________________________ coloured aluminum retaining bars and joined by PVC connectors are available in 2000 or 3000. Insert are 35 mm wide stripes of 100% Polyamid cutflat mats in the color _____ chosen from the assortment of November.

Fix mattwell frame to subfloor to adjust final ground clearance or flooring depth with November Red Hartfinish paint.

Foyer mat systems | Advanced flooring

Designed to be fully conformable, highly resilient and efficient, the Architecture line is a line of entry mat ting system that provides a higher level of security for entry areas. Classical line of entry mat ting system is a convenient choice for areas where less soil and humidity need to be removed with moderate step requirements.

Our range of entry solutions includes a carpet entry system that helps to minimize the ingress of debris into any environment, with either module or panel entry system.

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