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entrance carpet mats

The mats are made from a variety of materials including rubber, carpet and vinyl. Teppichbodenmatten keep your floors clean and improve the image of your company. Design vinyl loop entrance mats. The Designyl logo mats are so versatile that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Carpet mats and entrance mats for commercial and residential use.

Carpet mats | Entrance carpet mats

The Colorstar mats have a solution-dyed finish that does not deteriorate over the years - 10 years colour-warranty. Colourstar carpet mats are available with a glued backing for laying on carpet and a plain backing for laying on rigid floors. Clearated Colorstar doormats are only available in 3', 4' heights.

Colorstar SBR Entrance Mats are made from 20% recycle tires that make Colorstar mats environmentallyriendly. Colorstar's foam edge will never tear or roll. Colorstar entrance mats use 100% conductive fibre to adsorb and catch humidity on exposure.

Colorstar doormats are also ideal as security ground mats - available in up to 40' length. Colorstar interior entry mats are non-slip approved by the National Fl oor Institute. The Colorstar mats are perfectly suited for use as cleaning mats or security runners in food shops, aerodromes, educational institutions, colleges, commercial premises or other busy entrances.

Colorstar additional / similar matting options: Colorstar doormats become slightly smaller due to the "curing process".

You knew?

How should I use Coral? The creation of a good entry floor includes reflecting on cadence - the number of persons getting on and off in a given time - and itineraries ( the direction they take once inside) and using this information in designing the passage. We have 3 entry areas that you can define in your entry floor solution:

Each mat placed outside the main doorway of the house is the first line of defence against flooring by removing the worst debris from the shoe sole before it crosses the sill. Use 2: Inside useMoving inside, the next line of defence is used to eliminate humidity and fine debris from all legs that enter the build.

Other areas in the structure also suffering from ground and humidity; areas of receipt, hallways, sidewalks, lifts, staircases, etc. These areas are all susceptible to debris and profit greatly from a specially developed inlet bottom for corals to collect the debris. For more than 40 years, the world' leader in fabric entrances, for more than 40 years, Corporation has offered more choices than ever before with beautiful and durable cleaning solutions in style and construction to meet all uses, budget and esthetic needs.

Did you know that the installation of an efficient entry system can stop up to 94% of pollution and humidity in a single room? Up to 65% of the lifelong cost of floor maintenance can be saved and the use of chemical cleaners can be reduced.

Many of our Korallenkollektionen consist of Econyl®, a high-quality thread from 100% renewed Polyamid from old Teppichflusen up to deserted fishingnetzen. - From old carpet lint to deserted fisher netting, many of our reef corals are made from Econyl®, a high grade 100% recycled nylon thread (click here to learn more about Econyl).

  • Besides Econyl reclaimed yarns, Welcome's virgin back is made from recyclable plastics based polyethylene (PET) bottle. That means that our manufacturing site in the Coral region is part of an efficient environment system and is certified to ISO 14001. As it works - We provide various kinds of entry floors that together can stop up to 94% of the dirt  and humidity that penetrate a structure by guarding the indoor floors and help preventing spills.
  • The installation of an efficient entry system can cut the cost of internal floor maintenance by up to 65%.

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