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Get a stylish first impression with a luxurious new entry carpet. Come and visit us for our selection of high quality small carpets and runners in many styles and colours. Main supports Faux Sisal Tufted High Low Loop Area Rug or Runner, several sizes and colors. Braun Beige This Water & Dirt Shield entry mat absorbs water and scratches mud from shoes and paws to keep your entrance area clean and dry. Use Area Rugs to add comfort layers.

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Get a classy first look with a luxury new entry carpet. Make a heavenly corridor with a carpet or rug that looks as smooth and luxury as it is. Our selected assortment of skids for your entry area comes in a 70cm x 300cm format as the standard, but we specialize in developing tailor-made forms and measurements that are perfect for the entry area's unique measurements.

Nearly all our styles can be revised thanks to our gifted in-house designer teams to produce the ideal entry carpet. The carpets are made from the highest grade material and are designed to withstand the rigours of busy areas such as entrances. We are able to tailor entry carpets to any aesthetics, from subdued shades to strong undertones.

Classical or modern, our carpets are ideal for giving your hall or hall color and finish. Frequently regarded as a tricky room to be decorated due to restrictions in room and form, corridors can always profit from a designer message like a nice carpet. Click on the carpets below to see them in detail.

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With our warm th, color and smooth running, we add heat to any room. There is a variety of colors and textures available, from discreet tones to more intricate weave types to accents of other materials. There is a supplementary line of smaller carpet styles, such as the MEALIN line, which comprises a set of softs for a uniform sense of space.

Skids and small carpets are available in high-flooring, low-flooring and flat-woven versions to help you find the right compromise between convenience and aesthetic appeal. Ensure that you close off your interior with a classy flooring that adds additional emphasis to your decor. With our safety-related improved anti-slip product range Stop and Stop Filt, we have special documentation for our athletes.

You keep your carpet in place and prevent it from fly over the whole town. STOP FILT also gives a thin carpet a little damping and gives it a slightly smoother feeling. Particularly useful as carpet is often used in halls, passageways and other well-prepared areas.

Carpets are made from a variety of tough materials such as stainless steel for a naturally smooth look and tough PP for elasticity and strength.

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