Ergonomic Floor Mat

An ergonomic floor mat

An ergonomic floor mat will protect your legs from fatigue and other serious health problems if you have to work standing for long periods of time. Whilst most floor mats are manufactured for sale, barefoot mats are designed for standing. Enhance your health and comfort with an ergonomic floor mat that is part of our industrial office furniture collection. Enhance working conditions with ergonomic floor coverings and mats. Non-fatigue mats, Standing desk mats, Ergonomic mats.

Ergonomic floor mat ERGOMAT

The ERGOMAT ergonomic anti-fatigue mat was specially designed to resolve the problem of short-term tiredness and long-term injuries at stationary workplaces. ERGOMAT's line of products is the most progressive available on the market for this use. Basic Nitrile is a recycling mat with the conical section of the Nitrile mat.

In addition to its ecological responsibilities, the Base Nitril is a perfectly ergonomic mat for uncritical use. Only available in sable. Base pads moulded in the same bladder and flat profile as our classic rigid foam pads offer virtually the same ergonomic feel and comforts. High quality whirlpool mat is the ergonomic mat of your dreams for any arid, non-abrasive environment.

Ergomat Classic is clean room approved and antistatic, making it an excellent mat for structural inspection, electronic production, assembling line, storage and logistics. Ergomat Completed Mat is developed for moderate humid and / or oil environment as well as for areas where structural charging and fire protection are a problem. With the same characteristics as the Complete Bobble, this flexible mat is specially developed for combination stand-up and roll-up applications such as mailroom and DC.

The Nitrile Drain Mat is the perfect option for areas with extremely high humidity or high fluidity. Potential customers include cellulose and tissue producers, dairies, the foodstuffs and beverages industries and auto washers. Available in navy color. Withstands repeated washing with water and maintains its ergonomic characteristics throughout the guarantee time. Nitrile Caoutchouc conical mat intended for areas subject to exposure to oil and gasoline fluids (coolants, etc.) and aggressive media.

Since the mat maintains its ergonomic flexibility down to -40ÂșC, it is also a good choice for refrigerated warehousing and grocery use. Ergomat Nitril is available in the colours grey and grey. The Nitrile variant is a statically conductive mat for areas that require electrostatic discharging. Available in navy color. It is the slippery Ergomat Nitrile matting.

Nitril Smooth is typically used in the pharmaceuticals, metalworking and general dust and dirt industries. Nitrile mat is the perfect mat for areas with high risk of humidity, slipping and metalworking. This mat is typically used in metalworking, arc-welding, industrial heavy-duty and canteen applications.

Available in the colours schwarz, grau, blau. Where is ERGOMAT? The ERGOMAT provides an resilient support to stimulate muscular movement in the foot and leg. This is important, as described above, for the correct functioning of the vein pumps and thus for the avoidance of tiredness and injuries. The heat image shows the blood flow in the lower part of the working person's lower part.

On the right you can see the employee who stands on an ARGOMAT. Illustration shows circulatory pattern without ergo-mod. Click here to see the range of products from our company ERPOMAT. It can be anticipated that Ergo Mat Anti-Fatigue will significantly decrease the frequency of accumulated foot, leg and lumbar spine injury.

ERGOMAT's lower back is significantly relieved by the use of the ERGOMATprodukt. The ERGOMAT has a preventive effect against accumulative traumas. For 1990, the projected mean immediate outcomes of such an event were USD 12,801; the mean outcomes of lower back surgery were USD 24,724. For a single enterprise, the expense of accidents at work is mirrored in the reimbursement expenses of its employees and in concealed healthcare expenses, loss of supervisor working hours, and undeserved employee benefit during sick days.

Higher absence times and fluctuation are further expensive results of accidents at work. Investing in staff convenience provides a clear ROI, as a staff member who is comfortably working no longer needs to take a break or move to ease aches. ERGOMAT customers have reported an increase in production of over five per cent after the installation of our anti-fatigue mats.

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