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Combination door mats

Monogrammed Estate Cocoa Doormat. When you love a lot, then you will love the offers for Threshold floor mats in this new year! Most suitable for use inside or directly outside doorways. Set your best by greeting your guests with this personalized Estate doormat. Muhawk Estate Celtic Rocks Manor Doormat.

Estates Floor Mats

With a handmade styling of a world-famous icon - the Fleur de Lis - these mats provide sophistication, craftsmanship and a wealth of historic references dating back to antiquity! Optionally, one provides a box of sleek icons in an esthetically appealing texture, while another provides a unique, intricate floral logo centred on its face.

Much more than just a beautiful item, these mats have an elastic PVC backing that makes them non-slip and at the same time impervious so that less seepage can occur under them, which could lead to possible underground damages. In addition, even the abundant bristle finish of these combi door mats offers the added advantage of functioning as a scraper removing debris, soil and humidity from the footwear floor while retaining its form and aesthetics due to the durability of the material used to manufacture the door mats.

Elegant combined door mats offer a wide range of advantages that will certainly enhance practically any home or work! The PVC backing used in our combi door mats even guarantees a long product lifetime, as compared to lower grade items that require continuous change.

The additional rubbing and adhesion of the PVC back also ensures that the floral door mats do not move or slide in the presence of damp. The installation of combination door mats directly helps you to deal with one of the largest causes of accidents at work. In addition, as already mentioned, these mats have "coconut fibre", a robust and long-lasting, purely virgin fabric that is weatherproof and inexpensive.

Due to their resistant composition and handcrafted design, coconut mats are among the best in the industry when it comes to ensuring sustainable and efficient work safely in an environmentally responsible way. Embellish any entrance with one of these mats, which can become the centre of attention by themselves, or they can integrate just as well into any existing decor.

It' s naturally beautiful and fits into different environments, giving your entrance an immediate kerb character. It is said that diversity is the seasoning of our lives - if that is the case, then these Guts door mats are the "spiciest" of all! Floral door mats are a beautiful symbol, symbolizing equilibrium with their perfectly symmetric form, and even having a spiritual significance for the Christians with their three lace leaves depicting the Blessed Trinity. Here, the door mats are the most beautiful of the three.

It is a real aesthetical option and will certainly enrich any entrance area at home or in the offi ce. We are very proud to present this great styling on our mats, which can also represent excellency - a level of craftsmanship that we believe is well reflected in our mats. With our Guts door mats you make your home look like a palace.

You can use one of our mats with the floral de lais logo as the heart of your entrance decoration or as a complement to your latest interior decorations. Long-lasting, practical and totally attractive, these mats provide the ideal combination of fine style and pure nature. Manufactured from tough and long-lasting material, these floral door mats withstand the harsh climate while retaining their form, function as an entrance mats and of course their aesthetics!

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