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Explore a wide selection of carpets and floor mats at The Blue Door. All Over Poppy extra large doormat. Crest doormat with extra large dragonfly. Beetle in Crest Doormat. In a sunny area, an outdoor door mat should be lightfast.

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Doormat Dotty - Extra large

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Big door mats

Big door matting is very preferable in front of wide, two-door entries. This product offers comprehensive security for private, business and industry use. Large entry matting is routinely used to keep internal surfaces protected from dust and humidity. A number of large door mat sizes can be fitted with special developed finishes that provide greater strength and comfort for you and your people.

An added advantage for the consumer is that the wide range of door mattresses are fairly simple to move, fit and use. Their large, two-door entrances cannot do without the excellent security, protective features and simple servicing of our large door mat. We manufacture our twin door panels either from high-quality foam or coconut materials.

Wherever we can, we use naturally occurring and recyclable rubbers, which has several advantages. Our large door matting's long-lasting and wear-resistant properties are based on our rubbers and coconut fibres. Recyclable gum is used with great effect in the production of hard-wearing door matting with high resistance to mechanical and ecological influences, but it is also very advantageous for the consumer as it is an environmentally safe material which is produced cheep.

We pass the cost reductions on to our clients, making our large mat product more accessible than our plastic one. Furthermore, twin door matting made of gum and coconut fibre is excellently suited for use outdoors. It is very important because large door panels can be placed either inside or outside according to settings and needs.

User defined lengths up to 50ft. User defined lengths up to 50ft. User defined lengths up to 50ft. User defined lengths up to 50ft. "Classical Fleur de Lis French Mat" Size: 18" x 30", 24" x 57" "Contemporary Welcome Home Mats" Size: 18" x 30", 24" x 57" Size: "Estate Style Welcome Doormat" Size: 18" x 30", 24" x 57" "Heart-shaped paws Welcome Mat" Tell your customers about your love for "Our best friends!

" "Contemporary Landscape Doormat" Size: 18" x 30", 24" x 57": User defined lengths up to 60ft. Height:: User defined lengths up to 50ft. Sizes: "St. Germaine Fleur de Lis Doormat" Sizes: 18" x 30", 24" x 57" Width: Length: User defined lengths up to 60ft. Height:: User defined lengths up to 50ft.

"Traditionelle Fleur de Lis French Mat" size: 18" x 30", 24" x 57" size: Height:: Sizes: 18" x 30", 24" x 57" Sizes: 18" x 30", 24" x 57" Sizes: 18" x 30", 24" x 57" Travels, slides and traps may seem fun on TV, but in reality they're not a laugh.

The prevention of such incidents is the main objective of any large entry mat. Large door matting increases the overall security of an entry area. The reason for this is the regular use of elastic materials in the manufacture of these robust door matting products. In addition, the coefficient of coefficient of friction is very high.

That means it is able to keep your legs securely and protected while you are on the top of one of our large doorsills. Considering the large dimensions of these twin door panels, they provide a larger range of travel so that several persons can be safely at the same time.

Width door matting in gum is the best security choice. The large mat is an excellent and simple way to protect the interior of your home or company from humidity and pollution such as dust, sludge and pebbles. By using large door matting with specific finishes, such risks can be avoided.

Structured twin door matting offers a broader range of soil wiping capabilities on a larger area than conventional matting. A lot of wide door matting has prominent finishes that can scratch off grime, sludge, gravel and other firm grime particulates from arriving shoes. Humidity is another potentially dangerous threat that can cause great sorrow through your interiors unless you use large door matting in your entrance area.

Fortunately, large door matting is an ideal way to completely prevent this problem. The wide door mat is very good against humidity. We owe this to the elastic used. By nature, gum is water-repellent. Functionally, the watertightness of a twin -door mat contributes to its non-slip security.

Whilst moisture can make most finishes such as timber and tiles slip, it is difficult to make rubbers dangerous. A further benefit of using durable door matting is that the flooring of your door opening is protected from wear and tear. In the absence of protecting, heavy-duty door matting, materials such as timber can be damaged and expensive to mend.

A large mat's gum blanket provides the perfect barriers to absorbing the shock of abrasion. Many of these large door mattresses are also wearable and can be adjusted according to your needs. In spite of its additional dimensions compared to conventional matting, a large entry mat is multifunctional and movable.

Big door matting can be moving effortlessly when a tenant or company relocates or needs to use the door mat for other purposes. This may seem apparent, but one of the main advantages of a large entry mat - beyond cockroaches, protection and grasping - is its sizing.

Width door matting is the ideal choice for sites such as business premises or large entrance areas. Twin door matting is specially designed for these areas. The use of large door matting is the ideal way to secure a large area, but can also give you these great features at home when there is space.

One often ignored advantage of large door matting made of gum or coconut fiber is that it is usually simple to keep the door mat in good condition. Just wash off for a blanket and wipe with plenty of squeegee. The same lightness of cleanness also applies to coconut fibres. The only thing you need to do to make a large coconut fibre mat look cool and usable is to brush, agitate or suck away any enclosed waste.

Width door matting is a must for any entrance that is bigger than usual. Designed to provide a high level of grip and rigidity while keeping debris and humidity out. Big door matting can also be used to cover the entrance area. Due to their mere dimensions, all these protection properties are maximised for a greater total area.

If you have a large door opening in a housing, business or industry area, we have the right large doormat for you!

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