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Rubber and vinyl floor mats for factories, shipping docks, processing plants or industrial applications. To make the best mats available, better than the Miata factory, we have taken the best of two worlds! Workmen and superiors are constantly on the move in factories and workshops. Do you need new mats for your MINI? Purchase real Toyota Corolla floor mats online at reduced prices.

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Unfatigue mats are fat, oily and chemical proof. Now available, 15% discount on the normal retail prices. Beginning at $50.89. The three patterned structured elastic floors in different colours ensure a non-slip finish even in damp environments. Now available, 10% discount on the normal retail prices. Beginning at $45.54. Excellently suitable for a hard-wearing anti-fatigue matt as well as for a scraping mats.

From $50.73. Offers superior anti-fatigue performance for greater worker convenience and enhanced ergonomic performance. From $50.73. Antislip floor protective pad made of chemical-resistant 100% nitrile caoutchouc. Beginning at $473.93. Protective mats are adhesive mats that remove slight grime or powder from the footwear when you step on them.

Now available, 10% discount on the normal retail prices. From $55.11. Anti-wrinkle Velcro straps for superior scraping/spine clearance in this tough, long-lasting, non-absorbent pad perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Beginning at $11.59. Stylish, glossy metal, dyed metal vinylic floor covering in a robust, structured design enhances the look and security of the floor. Now available, 10% discount on the normal retail prices.

.98 and up.

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The Bardwell shifting mats offer one of the widest ranges of bearing and factory mats in Australia. Our range of shift ing mats is large for high traffic areas and uses requiring a high level of organization. Bearing mats can be used in the following applications: Working hours for each plant or store may vary from place to place.

A lot of storage and factory work requires long sitting on rigid floor coverings. Using anti-fatigue mats in your office reduces the amount of support muscle consumed by your body while you' re sitting by almost 50% when the operator is sitting on an anti-fatigue mats.

Thoughts for the type of mats that can be used and where: Fatigue resistant mats - individual mats, longer length or roll. Non-slip industrial mats - Wets and slip areas. Fat resistant mats - Oily and oily areas, chemical products. Antistatic mats - Electric statical superstructures and switchgear.

Entry Mats - Offices to storage mats and walkers to remove the dirt and deposits from your toes before you walk into the offices. In Melbourne, our storage and factory mats are available in all forms and dimensions, in various Hi-Vis colors and are delivered with all-round chamfered security edge.

The air cushion blanket is perfect for every single workplace or cash register and is frequently used in industry, print works and garages. These mats, which are produced in Melbourne in our own factory, are revolutionising both their designs and their concepts. Ideally suited for use in kitchen and dining areas, grocery stores, machinery halls and other tough industry environments.

Stat King is a high grade anti-fatigue pad that reduces workers' tiredness.

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