Fall Coir Doormat

Autumn Coir Doormat

Bestseller. Where's the wine? Coconut floor mat. Made of coconut fibre, our autumn pumpkin doormat is the perfect way to create a clever, themed entry point for all your guests! Every Welcome mat has a durable PVC backing and a natural coconut fabric.

Encourage guests to walk through the pumpkin pavement with this charming doormat. Owinggiving Doormat / Autumn Decor / Cute Doormat / Halloween Doormat.

The Bunnings Warehouse

Our shop will get in touch with you to check warehouse uptime, shipping costs and payments.? Verify whether the client picks up his order or has it shipped. Please consult the vendor to verify warehouse uptime. Please organize the payments at this point, if any. This is not only an appealing doormat, but also keeps your home cleaner and your home health - and prevents the proliferation of pollutants, from common dusts to hazardous chemical products.

Fall foliage Regular coconut mat Door mat

The coconut mats are thick and made of coconut fibre with outstanding scrape-resistance. Robust, long-lasting and well manufactured, these floor mats give your door the impeccable decorative note and at the same time are extremely handy. Deeply penetrating into the coconut fibers, the dyestuff ensures a long-lasting finishing and years of use.

Dimensions: 75 cm long, 45 cm broad, 4 cm low. *In order to guarantee the best possible service and lasting appearance of your doormat, please make sure it does not get too damp, allow it to quickly drip after wetting, and be careful that cat and bird scratches can cause damaging and excess hair loss.

Autumn Pumpkin Coconut Doormat

This is the ideal doormat for a hot autumn motif. Choose from several colour choices to make your own personal doormat. Manufactured in the USA from coconut fibres for moulds, mould resistant. Durable colour and ultraviolet sealing protect your individual doormat from the weather. Made of coconut fibre, our autumn pumpkin doormat is the ideal way to provide a smart, thematic way for all your visitors to enter!

Each of our mats is hand-painted to order, so that you can design it individually by selecting your colour combinations! Our mats are all brown/natural brow. Naturally coir fibres in the doormat come from the shell of the coir, which is mould and mould proof and has an ultra strong, thick synthetic backing to make sure it won't slip on any surfaces.

Although we use all our outdoor colours and ultraviolet sealing to make sure your mats will be perfectly for your front door, we recommend that you keep your mats as clean as possible to prevent the fibres from becoming dark. PURPOSE READ: We do our best to lacquer, finish and dispatch our stock orders as quickly as possible and our actual turnaround is 1-2 week.

Special designs may take 2-3 months to be painted, processed and shipped.

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