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Non-fatigue mats are mats designed to reduce fatigue caused by prolonged standing on a hard surface (e.g. cement floors). Anti-fatigue mats to prevent and minimise orthopaedic problems with painful feet and back pain when working on hard floors. The effects of anti-fatigue mats on perceived discomfort and weight shift during prolonged standing.

About CumulusPRO Professional Quality Anti-Fatigue Mat.

60 x 90cm Bayliss dome anti-fatigue mat

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Dome 60 x 90cm is an anti-fatigue matt for damp and damp areas.

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And if so, you need to make anti-fatigue mats a critical factor in your company. Wherever extended periods of sitting at work benches, workplaces or tables are necessary, an anti-fatigue pad can be a core component of OHS occupational hazard management policies. Fatigue mats' uniquely designed to help relieve fatigue on your foot, leg, back, nape and toes.

Non-fatigue mats can help avoid pains and injuries caused by long periods of sitting on hardened floors, which can cause employees to take a lot of vacation from work. Tiredness mats for cooking and cooking areas can help alleviate fatigue and keep personnel as efficient as possible.

According to requirements, our anti-fatigue mats are available either with a padded or with a vinyl-coated finish. When your staff have to work at the same desktop, work bench or workplace for longer hours, a high lectern anti-fatigue mesh can provide significant assistance and strength.

Decrease the number of incidents and increase the well-being of employees by using non -toxic work mats. Diamond plate gel mats, heron air mats, Vynalit tube mats, air cushion mats, grease-resistant anti-fatigue mats or upholstered floor mats - we can fulfil your requirements. When you are looking for high-quality and affordably priced anti-fatigue floors, Mat World is your competent full-service supplier.

With one of the widest range of anti-fatigue mats and floor coverings in Australia, we have the knowledge and skills to advise you on the best solutions for your needs.

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