Felt Floor Tiles

felted floor tiles

It can be used on all types of floor coverings, including those with underfloor heating. A plush carpet of interlocking floor tiles. Are you looking for new floor coverings? We are the right partner for you! Now you can order our flooring catalogue from the comfort of your own home.

Durable power

Our products are made with high grade fibers that give additional resistance to contamination and contamination, making daily washing easier. Forte & Showtime 750 g/m2 fiber weighs 600 g/m2 (striking) and 500 g/m2 (accent), tailored to different needs. Showtime is a new and versatile floor covering system that presents fascinating print motifs and solid colors with the option of re-coloring your selected flooring.

All our needle felt bottoms deliver the ultimate in durable power that comes with being classified as extreme rugged (Class 33) to EN 1470. High-grade fibersWe use high-quality nylon fibers and a full rubber waterproofing for all our needle felt mats. This fibre has been developed to give additional resistance to contamination and staining.

Roller Stool ResistanceNeedle felt floors are also perfect, much more than traditional carpets, for installation in places where roller stools are used. The needle felt rug is ideally suited for use in rooms with floor-heated floors due to its outstanding thermal penetrating characteristics.

Customer-specific floor coverings


With our tailor-made service, you can design an individual flooring that is unique and truly your own. Do not rub aggressively as this may prolong the felt-forming operation and alter the felt's finish. You will find detailled maintenance information under Laying and maintenance of floor coverings. Woollen felt variations are a naturally occurring fabric and colour variations and inclusion of virgin fibres on the fabric surfaces are proof of the 100% nature of the fabric's origins.

The colour of the products is only an indication, as it is not possible to guarantee the colour consistence in a nature based products due to the colour of the crude fibre and the absorbtion of dyestuffs. Colour match cannot be ensured for consignments and the variations will be more marked than in the ordinary comercial area.

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Ɓcoufelt acoustics carpet tiles: Inside each room, acoustical control includes the absorption of undesirable noise from all types of surface - floor, walls and ceilings. This is what we call the FWC Audible Principle. Soil is the point of departure. Acoufelt carpet tile felt underlay is the cornerstone of acoustical performances, helping to reach the specified Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.25.

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