Fitted Floor Liners

Built-in floor coverings

All-purpose floor mats are designed to fit in any vehicle and provide maximum coverage for your floor. Three years ago we bought a set of Catch it floor mats for our SUV and we like them so much that we bought a set for our new Prius. FloorLiner WeatherTech distinguishes the interior carpet precisely and completely and offers "absolute interior protection"! Developed for a variety of trucks and SUVs, Wade Sure-Fit floor mats will help protect your carpets from accidental pollution for years to come. The DigitalFit FloorLiners from WeatherTech are better than ever when it comes to precisely fitting floor protection.

Diesel Doormats

Possessing a Wrangler means you have the liberty to get out and discover the unpaved surrounding area. This also means that you will probably eventually get some grime or other deposits on your footwear. However, that does not mean that Mother Nature has to ruin the rug of your car at the end.

Safeguard your indoor space from moisture, silt, debris, snows and more with a robust, long-lasting, high-quality range of Wrangler floor mat. As well as all kind of natural things to discover, there are also different kind of floor coverings for your car - generally gummed, with carpet or vinyls.

Floor coverings are loved by those who like a more luxury feeling for the interiors of their cars, but they usually do not contain much grime and deposits and are a little more difficult to keep cleaned. Conversely, moulded rubberised liners are usually designed with higher edge levels, which interlock and catch dust or spilled material; this means simpler cleaning without residues.

The vinyl liners are similar because they prevent the dirt from escaping from your rug and give you a fabric that won't tear or splinter. Whatever you select, the interiors of your vehicle will definitely remain much clean and maintain this original look for years to come.

DIRCOVERY SPORT Land Rover/Range Rover Floor Coverings & Mats - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Inject moulding represents detail characteristics and intricate geometries of floor linings. For over 25 years, we have been producing tailor-made floor coverings for vehicles. TPE and plastic moulding are the first to use TPE and plastic moulding for the production of tailor-made floor coverings. The development of a bespoke flooring form is so expensive that few businesses would want to do so.

Our goal is to produce the best bespoke floor coverings and now we have more than 100 uses. Conventional automotive floor coverings are made by pressing, which does not allow many small things, so the floor coverings become inflexible. On the other side 3W floor coverings are elastic and long-lasting.

With our distinctive designs, floor coverings come to live and every floor covering is like a work of art. 3W floor coverings are made of thermoplastic elastomers, which offer the benefits of both rubber-like and synthetic floor coverings, and thus greater rigidity, toughness, durability as well as flexibility. They have more excellent thermic characteristics and greater rigidity when subjected to extremes of heat.

The 3W floorcoverings do not smell even in extreme heat when the windscreen is shut and can withstand extreme coldness. The soothers of some babies are made of the same materials. In 2017 this piece won the Red Dot in Germany. This excessive printing makes it possible to incorporate a large number of detail into the floor lining designs.

The 3W floor coverings are created with different pattern that correspond to the styles of different car types. Design is abundant in detail and allows for delicate etching to give a non-slip finish to the car floor panels so that the panels cause rubbing. Individually adapted and easily cleaned: Every 3W floor covering is individually adapted.

Scanning the interiors of every automobile, we computer create the patterns with the keys of the vehicles, giving the floorings an individual look and feeling. Floor coverings fit perfectly into the passenger compartment of your automobile. 3W floorcoverings have trapped voids on the back to efficiently absorbs the driver's noises.

Furthermore, each interior has a heightened enclosure that protects your vehicles from all types of disorder. Specially designed to keep mud, slush, liquid and dirt away from the floor. Complete the floor covering clean within 1 min. The floor coverings are surveyed by lasers to accurately measure the contours of your vehicles.

High performance anti-slip designs and fabrics are used in our car floor linings. Dirt-repellent, impermeable flooring protection to protect your car rugs from the changing weather. TPE non-toxic and odourless floor coverings / matting for vehicles which have no unpleasant odour and are environmentally friendly.

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