Fitted Floor Mats

Built-in floor mats

Traditional truck and car floor mats offer excellent appearance and protection. Attaching car mats. Find out the differences between tailor-made and universal floor mats and determine which type is best for you. Prevent your interiors from mud, snow and stains with tailor-made BMW floor mats. Fits in any weather Cargo Black Rubber Material Black Car Floor Mats/Trunk Liner.

Tailor-made floor mats | HAIGH Australia PTY LTD LTD

The Parklane line of high quality, bespoke floor mats is the perfect choice if you are looking for luxurious, durable and great value for money. Every floor mats can be decorated with individual bathes and decorative colors. In order to make sure that the driver's mats do not move while the car is in use, we have developed specific locking bolts to fix the floor mats to the carpets, regardless of whether your car already has a locking system for the floor mats.

These locking points were pre-drilled into the matrix. On the right side there is a movie to help you install these pin. The mats can also be fitted with round eyes intended to be fitted over available safety bolts, poles or hook-ends.

Because we are not authorized to copy or duplicate factory-designed connectors or plugs, there may be some cases where these eyes do not conform to O.E. (Manufacturers Original Equipment) locking system. The addition of colored decorations or individual Badges is a good way to personalize a car. There are three types of bath and a variety of different colors.

Because of fluctuations in the monitor display color is only a pure display and may not mirror the ultimate printing color. Doormats from the assortment of standards or non-standards, which are provided with sadges or coloured decorative strips, are classified as Made to Order^. Up to 15 operations can be required for the production and delivery of these mats.

Credits or refunds will not be acceptable on non-standard floor mats. To have the right information about the models is indispensable when looking for the right Eshmat. Please also refer to the car manual for information on models. Please keep in mind that you must make sure you have the right detail before ordering.

Doormats - Laser tested doormats for a great cut and feel

The digital measurement of inner areas by lasers offers a constantly flawless fitting! Featuring a patent-pending high-density tri-extruded (HDTE) fabric, it provides a stiff inner layer for rigidity with simultaneous rug resiliency and touchability! FloorLiner has many of the same styling characteristics as FloorLiner and (where offered) is made from a custom TPO (Thermopolyolefin) that is not only durable, but also stays resilient under extremes of temperature.

Rear FloorLiner is either one-piece or two-piece, according to use. The FloorLiner also helps to preserve the re-sale value! A lot of things affect the value of your property; mileage, outside conditions, service histories and of course inside conditions. FloorLiner is pride itself on being conceived, constructed and produced with American tools in the USA.

FloorLiner was developed for cars in which a works carpeting was laid during production. You may not equip cars with vinyls unless otherwise stated.

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