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Printed coconut fibre PVC-coated carpets (tailor-made design). Significance of carpets in the design of Georgia Ezra. The Afghan carpet is a unique and recognized handmade material design from Afghanistan. Browse our selection of carpets & top carpet designs for your home. Accessible floor installation in Akron OH by Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design.

2018 carpet and flooring trends - Designs & colours

To research the development of carpet and floor trend for 2018 more precisely, we have the design and colour objectives, the diversity of handmade carpet, machine-made carpet and tapestries, textiles flooring, laminated floors and in this article we take you to the words Domotex exhibit in Hanover, Germany.

Alfredo Häberli's opening speech conjures it up beautifully. It is not only homes and cars that can be intelligent, but also grounds. They could transform our steps into power in the future," says Alfredo Häberli. Alphredo Häberli presented the new range of laminated floorings and wood planks, which is innovating, inspiring and with the words nice colours and effects:

The Pirelli Floor, developed in the 70', is one of the most famous synthetic floorings of the series. Alfredo Häberli, whose design has been based on this fact for quite some time, has been working with points and their diffusion, choosing an irregular design that is reminiscent of dominoes placed side by side, reinterpreting the concept of the iconical floor.

Layed in wooden floorboards, the geometrical points are very small and the footwear is arranged in a chaotic way - only seen at second sight. Designer combine under the premise that there are no impossibilities at this phase of technology evolution. Aquafil, the fastidious and sophisticated business of the Italians, works with textiles and floor coverings - Aquafil shows us new recycled solution that lead to breathtaking samples of fashionable carpet design.

Econyl - an inventive fabric for the production of rugs and panelling - is created from virgin fishermen' net and nylon. This is an interesting rendition of corks for floor coverings. Wicanders Declaimed and Authentica are two new recently introduced product lines with a print finish designed for those who know and appreciate the advantages of a floor made of natural cement but still appreciate the look and feel of natural resources such as timber and natural stones.

Becoming the world's premier manufacturer of organic floor coverings, Ericanders was influenced by eco-design tendencies that favour the use of ecologically sound and recycled raw material, so its recycled collections mimic the look of used rock or wooden floorings. UsingReclaimed you can apply authentically looking wooden or stonework samples with an unparalleled level of realisticness to a floor.

A further interesting example of the use of corks in the latest floor coverings is the Lico Printcork - with a specifically designed print technique and state-of-the-art coating technologies. Offers a multitude of options for using nature corks - from personalised logos to selected photographic motifs. When designing this design, there are virtually no boundaries to your own fantasy.

Forbo is also presenting another groundbreaking addition, Forbo's new Marmoleum Camera line, in which naturally occurring chocolate husks added to lineal produce a casual ornamental effect and a new touch sensation in the lineal line. Forbo''s second provocative novelty is a laminated flooring with additional texts and colour samples created by lasers.

A inspiring innovative in the field of the latest carpet and floor coverings. The addition of lightweight engraved motifs to the line gives the marmoleum floor tile a uniquely expressive look. We would like to ask you to take a look at Bilge Nur Saltik's design as a transition between carpeting and laminating.

It is the Istanbul-based company's Vision for the floor covering's futures that shows a fusion of rigid and flexible textures and material, industrially with manual bonding techniques. As a design feature, the design points to the transition between different types of material and provides a uniquely tactile feel that does not require a durable glue at all.

Rugs often become the key element of interiors: they are colourful, appealing, can make a powerful mark with their design, combination and structure; the latest carpet design tendencies are able to transcend the limits of fantasy. Although the rugs are a commodity, they can also be a meticulous hand-made design.

When the carpet is a handcrafted work, with thread dyed with care and imagination and uniquely patterned, it becomes a work of artwork - like a picture or sculpture - that spices up the architecture of the home. Perhaps the hand-made rugs will stay closer to the ideological classics of the traditional Iranian rug due to their origins in the old craft name.

The carpet with smooth surface uses the old -fashioned framing of wooven carpet, but the use of three major colours in a graphical framing gives it a very contemporary, almost minimally styled look. A similar minimumistic look can be observed in this carpet design by the leader in Europe, Nanimarquina. Thus, in the field of hand-made carpet and carpet and carpet trend in general for the next seasons, we notice that more and more of them are attracting interest as an artwork or precious work of arts.

Talking of the carpet as a work of arts and an expressive force of creativity, Sterling Rugs' Super Moon is an outstanding example to be discovered. Design visions, simplicity of colour and subtle technology are fascinating and admirable. Recently, the nature-inspired designs and colours of the carpet have become a powerful artistic message and a defiant fashion towards modern carpet design.

Watercoloured wool and silk hill peaks, a hint of winter cold and winter icy in the Rug Star and creative mattresses range or imitation leathers and furs, as well as the backdrop of the countryside, become the most striking and fascinating example of this trends - inspiration from the outdoors.

The colours in these works are earthy, passive and naturally, without dramatical effort. Beautiful colours and art designs in the carpet design community and emerging carpet colour fashions are among the modern and abstracted designs being launched this year. The Jaipur carpets and their Kavi Collection are our favourites.

Beneath the minimalistic and clearly structured design of her designs, she combines purity of design with elegance of style. Amazing are the Dena rugs. Firesun carpet artists, therapists and designers, Australia. Their carpet presented the wrap this year - is a real work of artwork that can take your breath away.

Following this colourful blast, we take you back to minimally invasive carpet design, this one strongly affected and inspire by tradition. Battilossi's hand-knotted carpet from the Pattern Mix Collection is like a sandmap of the wilderness - lovely, mysterious and alluring. Another example of traditional rugs is the Ariana rug, a rug based on traditional rugs.

In summary, it can be said that the recycled use of raw material and biomasses in flooring and walls has a major impact not only on the appearance and qualities of our produce, but also on people's daily lives and the general state of the planet's wellbeing.

New technology enables the designer to optimise output, discover new frontiers and adopt texts, colours and forms that are more demanding, progressive and imaginative than ever before. Rugs are experiencing a renaissance that makes them valuable works of art - uniquely and extravagantly. Eastern rugs are an inexhaustible resource of inspirations that still has and will have its place in the carpet design world.

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