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There are no adhesive residues on your floor. House or office floors on offer! Request the lowest prices for your flooring project! Real home decoration carpet tiles, save a lot of money! Carpets, floor coverings, laminates, carpet tiles, carpets, rugs, vinyl boards.

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Flexibly and inspiringly modularly arranged. City Carpets discount carpets provide the widest selection of carpet colors and designs. Carpet tiles provide much more scope for custom designs than carpets. The choice of module results in almost limitless scope for designing versatility. Just substitute your chosen carpet tiles with new designs and colors to give a new, refreshing look without having to change the whole floor.

Teppichflieseninstallationen usually produce approx. 80% less garbage than carpets and thus save time. Fewer wastes means less materials and more of your investments goes into the ground. We do not have tagged rates that are ridiculously discounted - our carpets are available "every day" at low rates. There is a large selection of styles available, from plain woolen carpets from Europe, Asia, India and China to highly acclaimed thermal printed vinyl from Belgium, Turkey and the Persian Gulf.

State-of-the-art carpets are also very much in demand and make up a large part of our assortment - these carpets are made of 100% polypropylene with carving effect - they are also reasonably priced and look great in today's contemporary houses. Every one of our 8 branches has a large selection of carpet tiles, carpets and treadmills from the best producers in the world.

Teppichfliesen clearance sales Verkauf

Teppichfliesen provide the luxury look of carpets. Teppichfliesen are simple to lay and provide the flexibility to substitute a surface without having to substitute the whole carpet. Teppichfliesen are handy, multifunctional and hard-wearing in every situation. Teppichfliesen (also known as Carpet Squares) provide one of the best qualities for floor coverings.

Modular carpet tiles can be used around swimming pool, in cellars, office, playrooms, verandas... almost anywhere! Whatever your needs are, carpet tiles are a must to cover your floor.

Vodonga border carpet - sale item

If you are looking for a small quantity of carpets or vinyls or a plot of land for a home, please take a look at our offer of sale articles. Such quantities are the ideal size to replace the floor covering in any room in the home, whether it be children's houses, car parks or tailor-made carpets. Being one of the few places on the frontier offering carpet overlaying service, we can also offer you a carpet from the broad palette of available carpets.

Inventory quantity accurate at point of booking. Certain articles can be cancelled by their vendors and no further stocks can be delivered. For more information and to verify inventory levels, please visit the shop or call us at 0260563630. None of the clearing positions are reimbursable.

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