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Contact our shop if you are looking for high-quality floor coverings in St. Paul, MN. The Floor Store at Carpet Company, Albuquerque's specialist for residential and commercial flooring. Complete your floor coverings and tile projects quickly and precisely. It took itself the time, us the different carpets and prices to explain.

They can even shop comfortably from home and save on carpets!

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Reardon's Carpet Co, Inc.'s newest business was established in May 2000 by Jim Reardon and Patricia Martin, who together have over 55 years of flooring expertise. The name Reardon has a record of the highest level of Integrity, combined with unmatched pricing and customer care by the highly qualified assembly teams.

Reardon's is behind all the work of our highly trained and experienced team. When you are looking for a specific make or kind of floor covering, let Reardon's Carpet meet your needs. Reardon is proud to serve you, the client, and to offer you a service that will be carried out to your high demands of contentment.

Proud to offer the best value for carpets, timber, laminates and vinyls to do-it-yourself customers and those of you looking for great cash & carry rates. The Cash & Carry division is the most knowledgeable in the business, offering you the best rates for the product you want.

Reardon's Carpet is also proud to announce that we have a person with 20 years in the field of customized carpets, bindings and fringes. Our bonding department can do whatever you want and give you advice on what is needed to keep your rug and your tough surfaces protected.

Reardon's also provides finance with GE/Mohawk. Everything in the shop can be funded by GE/Mohawk. Be sure to have a look at Reardon's Carpet Co., Inc. before making a definitive determination of your wishes and needs.

Carpets & Floor Coverings Knox

Our many years of expertise in the carpet sector have made us one of the favourites for those looking for top value design that not only enhances the look in every area, but also enhances the overall look and feel of the location. By choosing Knox carpets, you are choosing a company committed to providing you with a line of carpets manufactured to the industry's most exacting standard and using the most dependable and unsurpassed grade of material.

Knox rugs will ensure that you know that your room will receive the best ornamental complements in the shape of rugs and stylish floor coverings. The Knox Carpet is characterized by excellent support and everything related to help individuals make a buying that you will remember as a rewarding and rewarding time.

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