Floor Mat Cleaning Service

Cleaning of floor mats Service

With our floor mat service, it is effortless, highly effective and a good way to reduce cleaning costs. Rental service mats are best suited for a clean, fresh look and the most effective floor protection. The service includes washing, collection and delivery. Our facilities are equipped for mat cleaning and we can guarantee a quick turnaround. No hidden costs or fees with our offers and service contracts.

There are 3 ways to wash your floor mats

In order to wash the floor mat ting in your vehicle, take it out of the vehicle if possible. In the case of blankets made of gum, mix them to eliminate excess debris and then sprinkle the blankets with a tube. Next, moisten the mat with a towel immersed in a mix of warm running boiling mineral oil, washing detergent and leaven.

Wash them thoroughly, then allow the mat to thoroughly drip. "Thank you for the many cleaning possibilities!

Carpet cleaning | Elite

Do not have a soiled carpet under your newly cleansed carpet. Elite technicians can get carpet and matting that looks cool and neat in no time at all. As our certificated carpet cleaning technicians can make your carpet spotlessly cleaner, they can do the same for your carpet and mat with our carpet cleaning service.

Don't be trapped by having your carpet just washed, but with dirt and dirt on it. Clear them all up! Carpet Dry Cleaning Technology is also perfect for cleaning your carpet and matt. And not only that, your carpet and matting will also be professional sucked and deodorized.

You can also have Elite Carpet Protection treated on request. The best thing about it is that you only have to spend about an hours waiting until they are dried and prepared to go back to the ground. Do you need a carpet cleaning?


Take the opportunity to offer every one of our customers a service of renting mattresses. Each week or every two weeks, our service staff replace floor matting to ensure a cleaner work area. As a small privately held company, we have the opportunity to offer personal and fast service at competitively priced rates.

Our employees collect and remove newly cleansed floor matting on a weekly, bi-weekly or even on a monthly base to guarantee a cleaner and safer working environment. Our range of high-quality mattresses includes mattresses for outside and inside, running mattresses, cooking mattresses and logos throughout the Detroit area.

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