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Floors made of rubber, mats made of rubber, mats made of rubber, carnivals and floor mats To make your home or work place more secure, classy, functional en convenient, we provide a vast selection of floor and mat rubbers at an incredible value! Our stock is large and we deliver all our items from our stock in Santa Ana, California. Because we are not an online store, we will never send any third-party orders, so most orders are shipped within 24 hours!

By selling our own brands, our employees know the specification and functionality of each of our brands. All our produce: In this case, the floor covering you take to these places can really make a difference in many ways, be it in terms of security, convenience, efficiency as well as aesthetic appeal.

Gummifootmatten: Since we are an industry based company, we know our customers' needs from the inside and outside. There is a large range of floor coverings and floor coverings, so we can offer you more choice. They are long-lasting, inexpensive and ideal for a multitude of applications! Anti-slip mats:

Due to the inherent rubbing properties of rubbers, it is a great non-slip flooring. An elastic floor's high co-efficient of drag decreases motion and enhances grip, even in damp conditions. Therefore our floor matting is the perfect floor for sliding areas! Floor mats: Floor Mats are designed to protect industrial and private entrances by removing debris and sludge from arriving footwear.

There is a wide range of coconut matting, floor matting and bootscrapers to choose from to give every door opening a personal touch! Garaged mats: Ground floors in your parking space are more than just a place where you can park your vehicle. Heimgaragen can be used as a workshop, gym, playroom and more. Therefore, our floors provide an outstanding durability.

Designed to be simple to fit, inexpensive and robust enough for harsh environments, these car park floor blankets are designed for ease of installation. Gymnastic mats: With our robust gymnastic floor covering, your current floor will not deteriorate, your exercise machines will be protected from heavy floor coverings and your home or business studio will be a secure, convenient and optimistic place to train.

You can see our DYY rubbers in a number of TV shows. You can use it as a floor covering in any home or professional fitness studio! Proud of our product and pricing, we now have a variety of new offerings - available for happy clients until September. Get a good deal on high quality gum fitted carpets that offer maximum convenience and drain.

There are also great offers for cushioned luxury matting developed to reduce the stress on those who walk for long periods of time and ultra-slip stepped matting that can make any staircase safe. "Bubble Top Interlock" Bubble Top Interlock Matting - Experience the highest level of Bubble Top Interlock matting convenience available at an unbelievable 50% this time!

When you want to relieve your joint and muscle tension, the top interlock is the right mat for you. Manufactured from a blend of virgin and regenerated rubbers, these floor matting is 5/8 inches thick and comes in 3ft 4ft bonded tile. Subtle round irregularities cover the mat surface and it is these refined projections that allow the Bubble -Top to offer maximum anti-fatigue comforts.

And if you are spending a great deal of your free Time standing up, why not buy the Bubble-Top Interlock comfortable mat for a little welcome exoneration and take our great rebate! "Dura -Chef Octagon" rubber mats - Design your own home at the best possible prices by taking benefit of our great 10% off the Dura-Chef Octagon!

It is the ultimate complement to any floor, both at home and in the restaurant. Dura-Chef's octagon is equipped with rectangular drain apertures intended to avoid liquids and snacks from accumulating on the floor and posing a danger. Recycled rubbers bend at any angle and provide ultimate convenience for those who spend long periods in the kitchen. Thanks to the recycled rubbers, you can easily bend the appliance to any angle.

Octagon K├╝chenmatte also gives you a great handle so you can keep your legs in the cook. It is a multi-purpose mat that enhances your mobility and convenience, provides excellent draining and simple maintenance. Get the flawless mat at an accessible cost with our 10% discount, valid until September!

Stepping Mat Coin-Grip Gum - (Pack of 6) - Remove your stairs catchers by attaching the Stepping Mat Coin-Grip at a 15% discount rate! Environmentally safe, recyclable elastic stepladder matting provides all-round safety in all situations. They have round tapered surfaces with coins handles to offer better towing and reduced risks of slippage.

Stepped tread pads with coined handles offer unprecedented moisture management and are therefore ideal for external staircases. Available in a pack of six, these meshes give your staircase an elegant and contemporary look for appealing aesthetics. It is not only this, but also the tread matting that can cushion impact and prevent your staircase from wearing out and being damaged.

It is easy to fit your coins-Grip stair mat for a quick or easy use. Don't worry about the security of your staircase - get high-quality matting at a great value this time!

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