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Pictures of floor mats

Obtain floor mat images and royalty-free images from iStock. You can download the stock photos of the floor mat. Doormat, shoe scraper, doormat. The Picture Perfect entrance mat designs are created by heat transfer to the surface of the fabric and ensure perfect image quality. The CLS provides Michigan with mats and sells and rents mops.

Perfect entrance mat images - Photorealistic graphic images

Picture perfect offers pictures in photographic image qualitiy for short-term advertising campaigns. Logomats are created by transferring thermal energy to the mat to ensure high image clarity. Lively graphical rendering, no matter how colourful or intricate the logomats are. An elastic, non-slip back keeps the logomat in place on any kind of surfaces.

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Individual display & POP floor mats

Duramat imprinted NR rubbers have attractive graphic designs that are perfect for in-store promotion, POS display and exhibition. Images are created by applying UV-curable inks directly to the mat surfaces. Eversoft's imprinted anti-fatigue mat is an economic 100% vinylic expanded polystyrene anti-fatigue mat. Remain convenient with the imprinted mat on your FATIGA Shield anti-fatigue mat.

The individual Logomats give an excellent base and back embossment, but at the same time show beautiful brands or security features and have a slim top that makes them very easy to use. With these striking, 4-colour counters and bars, any POS screen will stand out. Dyestuff pads deliver outstanding printing results that bring your business advertisements to life. What's more, they can also be used to create a new look and feel.

Specifically colored materials are used to print a design on a piece of hard copy and then transfer it to the mat to create vibrant, colourful images. Plain texture of polyesters provides a clear, vibrant picture. Flocked Camelot's flat, ripped corrugated polyurethane finish makes this mat perfect for flock or silk screening. The individually imprinted logomat increases your familiarity with the product and gives every entry a facelift.

Add olefin logos to your flooring to give it an added boost. Because of its low price and sharp images, our olefin mat is a favourite advertising tool. Perfect for 1-3 (spot) colouring. Nylonflock is firmly imbedded in the mat and creates powerful optical effect with a slightly increased print.

This is a 20-oct. thread rug mat made of 20-oct. thread polyamide. Carpets for the logos are intended for modest interior transport and have an inkjet printing technique. Print up to 8 colours and a full cover for print and back. Inking is a method of dyeing the fibres of carpets and producing a lightfast impression.

This is a digitally injected dyeing method in which the fibres of the carpets are durably coloured in the required pattern. As soon as the dyestuff is adjusted, the picture will no longer be faded or worn out. Produces durable images in a commercial washable commercial grade film (). With almost 10-fold higher resolutions than conventional polyamide dyestuff matting, it gives any logotype the necessary prestigious look.

As soon as the dyestuff is adjusted, the picture will no longer be faded or worn out. Glowing colours and customised design of the moulded floor mat will certainly make everyone recall your name. Perfect for any entry or sales area, its durable design will make a permanent impact and beautify any environment.

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