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Here you find manufacturers and suppliers of Floor mats from China. High quality floor mat from verified and experienced manufacturers. Manufacturers of floor mats, service providers and dealers are listed in this proven and comprehensive vertical portal. Precisely fitting shape and contour or base (guaranteed). Doormat / Find a manufacturer specialised in this field: 'Doormat' Here you will find sellers of doormats, sort them according to your preferences and contact the doormat wholesaler directly.

Various high-quality rubber floor products from flooratex, top suppliers, manufacturers, exporters in India.


Manufacturers of floor matting, services and dealers are featured in this proven and extensive vertically integrated platform. An extensive inventory provides complete liaison and capability information for procurement experts, engineering and research staff seeking information on floorings. Customer specific producer of floor matting. Floor mat styles range from work area floors & clover, hikers, ergonomically designed and washable doormats.

Floormats are designed for clean room, home and home use. Among the common uses and industry sectors serviced are resellers, distribution, agents, subcontractors, precise fabrication, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, optics/fiber optic, overseas, medical equipment, labs, government, suppliers, university, automobile, consumer board ing/electronics, aviation, semiconductors and plastic. Manufacturers of floor matting. Made-to-measure rubber floor coverings & security matting.

Elastic product for security, slipping and antistatic use. Manufacturers of health and safety equipment, as well as floor coverings. Our range of materials includes open mesh tile, open mesh tile, open mesh tile, non-slip and non-tiring mat tile and fixed mesh tile. Private comfortable wards, eyewash, fireplace and wet showers are available.

Matting in customized colours and logo are available. Uses in areas such as mines, petroleum and natural resources, defense, entertainment, energy, building, utilities, materials transportation, fabrication, shipyards, aerospace, government, automobile, road transportation, and religious use. Distribution of floor matting in polyethylene, gum and polyethylene vinylacetate. Characteristics included skid-resistant, wear-resistant, resistant to chemicals and weathering.

Sales of occupational health and safety equipment, as well as floor coverings. Shift control pads are available in various styles and qualities, among them anti-fatigue, antistatic, plain and softer. Matting is available in elastomeric material such as nitrogen and urethane. Standardmats are available in urethane for non-rusting, non-rusting, nonabsorbent areas. Matting is provided with bevelled edge.

Antistatic matting is an anti-fatigue type with chemically resistant and conducting characteristics used in the manufacture of electronic components or explosive materials. It is used in mounting work, counter servicing and retailing sites. Blankets are also used for clean room and antistatic grade 2 use. Our range of products and solutions includes consultancy, system development, system development, system development, system implementation and system management. estore.sjf.com/sjf. nsf/vwAllDocs/BDA9EBFBC2.....

Suppliers of floor coverings or floor coverings. The different models are antistatic, anti-fatigue, entry, catering, exterior and special mat. Carpets and rigid protective ribbons are also available. Any type of adhesive ribbon and labelling material. The paper is poly coated, grease proof, transferred, rubber coated, water resistant and Pergamyn. In addition, we offer preprinted graphical film in a broad range of grades, such as metallised, diamond-tipped, embossed, and structured samples used in sign making, packing, display, labeling, and more.

Distribution partner for heavy duty cardboard, non-slip and non-slip rubbers and floor running mat. Tailor-made producer & stockist of anti-fatigue pads. The mat type includes orthopaedic, reflective, rhinoceramic, perforation and rupture proof, tufted fur, marbled tiles, gravel steps and sealed cellular foam laminates.

Blankets are available in lengths up to 60 feet, 96 inches wide, 3/8 inches to 5/8 inches thick, and sizes from 18 inches x 30 inches to 36 inches x 30 inches. Female Lean-Manufacturing competent distributer for floor mat, walk-off mat and mat.

Floor mat styles are e.g. anti-fatigue mat styles, rigid m styles, fingerprint m styles, air cushion m styles, cardboard m styles, anti-fatigue m styles, and dome mat styles. Others are available such as mat marbles, neat scraping mat, lightweight mat, roll superior sponge/superfoot mat, rolled superior mat, rolled superior mat, rolled superior mat, olefin mat, tenacious ribbed mat, elastic anti-fatigue mat and module mat.

Producer of the SlipNot all-metal anti-slip finish, which is used on floor matting made of carbon and aluminium. Doormats are available in bearing dimensions of 4 feet, 5 feet or 6 feet in width and length of 8 feet, 10 feet or 12 feet. All-metal anti-slip product has been used in automobile factories, bridge and transportation, trade, grocery, metalworking, metals production, metals and mines, defense, petroleum and natural resources, steelworks, sewage works and utility companies.

Sales partner for doormats and floorcoverings. Among the models are 1/8" crimped mat, 15/16" mat, 7/8" security mat, 9/16". Floor and floor mat, PVC mat, laminate mat, ergonomical floor system, air pillow mat, chest mat, clean crotch mat, bobbin mat, comfort foam & scrap anti-fatigue mat, comfortable mat, anti-fatigue mat & mat, full elastic mat, pillow mat, rolled sheets, rolled sheets, rolled sheets, diamond sheet & sheet mat, scratch mat, pile mat, ribbed mat, 5/8 inch.

7/8 thick pads, Konfetti pads, mesh floor pads, secure pads, module pads, poly-back pads, roof scraper, lightweight pads, elastic floor pads, eye wash and bath blankets, flexible spinning pads, foam rollers and pads, watermats and workermats. Manufacturers of industry floor coverings comprising suction and washing protection flooring.

Among the models are absorptive floor matting on the run and single-use washing room matting for urinals and toilets. In addition, sales partners of cardboard control cabinets, knees, anti-fatigue, pillow stations, anti-fatigue of industry decks and anti-fatigue with perforated matting. Sales partner for industry floor matting. Among the models are wave rubbers, broad band slabs and comfortable slabs in white and white. Among the applied material are SBR/natural caoutchouc compounds, styrene-butadiene and nitrile-butadiene.

Abilities included wrapping and curing pulleys, tube mounting, manufacturing conveyors and slits, and manufacturing polyurethane. The branches supplied by the company are: foodstuffs industry, card and paperboard, recycled, baking, wines, grapes and brews, transport and luggage clearance and mines, grit and sands, agriculture and industry, green rubbish..... Sales partner for anti-slip doors, entry and doormats.

Doormats are available in colours and specification, incl. 2 feet x 3 feet to 6 feet x 60 feet and 5 pounds to 360 pounds in overall dimensions and weights. Customer specific producer of floor matting. Further uses are sports, animals, farming, exercise, medicinal, physiotherapy, marine, industry and shock absorbing.

Skills includes mechanical and electrical engineers, designers, prototypers, testers, cutters, slitters, slitters, creasers, creasers, millers, assemblers, laminators, strippers and finishers. Among the used and sold material are conform, filters, latex, urethane, bonded, sponge, viscoelastic, crossing link, Neopren, compound of rubbers, poliethylene, polypropylene und Polystyrol foam. Supplied sectors of industry included electronic, cushioning, appliances, art, building, cosmetic, consumer goods, defence, HVAC, instrumentation, manufacturing, mining and automotive.

Sales partner for floor matting. Mat grades includes anti-fatigue mat, marine mat, slab mat, anti-slip mat, security drain mat, barrier drain mat, entrance mat, rug mat and scrub mat. Security drain matting is available in 7/8 inch thickness and in 40 inch x 26 inch to 124 inch x 38 inch dimensions.

Characteristics are a large perforation arrangement for dewatering, bevelled edge and fat resistant. Manufacturers of customized elastomeric floor care product such as floor and floor matting, as well as automobile floor coverings. Mat styles also comprise anti-fatigue mat, luxury mat, hitch mat, kitchen mat and non-slip mat. Among the material grades are elastomer, virgin caoutchouc, silicon, perfluoroelastomer, cell caoutchouc, Buna-N, methyl chloride, methyl chloride, methyl chloride, butyl caoutchouc, copper fluoride, copper fluoride, nitrile caoutchouc, copper fluoride, copper fluoride, red caoutchouc, foam rubbers, rigid rubbers, urethanes and polyurethanes.

Skills range from crystal deburring, punching, punching, punching, polishing and manual trim. Among the supplied customers are aircrafts, automobiles, industry and trade. Among the product range are veils, mailing and blister pockets, barrier, battery trolleys, spreading beam, containers, belt-driven fans, crates, dock dents and velocity dents, cupboards, tins, loading beam, cardboard box, trolley, rollers, chain, chair, wheel chock, pump, detergent,

Elevators, Docklights, Lockers, Markings, Mats, Mezzanines, Security Mirrors, Portable Units, Forklift Trucks, Top Plates, Wire Partitions, Platforms, Corner and Edge Protection Devices, Frames, Aluminium Ramps, Power Cable Drums, Safety Equipment and Accessories, Scales, Distribution of Meshes and Meshes including Unfatigue and Antistatic Meshes, Customized, Ergonomic and Entrance Meshes, Absorbers, Cooking and Gumming Meshes, Scratches, Non Absorbent, Non Ready to Absorb, Food Products, Floor Systems, Floor Systems, Floor Mats, Floorboards, Forklift Trolleys, Floor Systems, Floor Systems, Ceiling Plates, Cable Dividers, Platforms, Square and Side Protection Devices, Racks, Aluminium Ramps, Power Cable Drums, Safety Equipment and Scrapers, Scrapers, Foods, Foods. southlandsc.theonlinecatalog. com/store/matt.....

Manufacturers of floor matting standards and customized. Floor mat specification includes 54 inch x 50 foot rolls of industry specification, 54 inch x 72 inch sheets of industry specification, 1/4 inch & 1/2 inch foams & -40 degreeºF to 250 degreeºF service temperature. Applications range from truck, heavy duty and agricultural machines.

Doormats fulfil the requirements of MVSS 302 for inflammability. Sales & distribution of floor coverings & floor coverings, floor coverings & doorways made of rubbers, coke fibres, Olefins & vinyls. Models included anti-fatigue, gum and rug flooring, and tile for floor coverings. Among the kinds of floor coverings are entry floor coverings, industry and security floor coverings, doormats, walking floor coverings, saloon floor coverings, cooking floor coverings and high volume floor coverings.

Teppichmatten contain Kakao- and Logomatten. Pillow tile for rough surface, non-slip, pillow and silica-free. Among the uses are industry, trade, home and office. Manufacturers of storage and customized floor matting available for immediate shipping. Models range from open-air matting, laminate matting, anti-fatigue matting, anti-static matting, cleanroom matting, entry matting, industrial matting, interior matting, anti-slip matting and sanitary matting.

Matting is available in store or individually with personalised messages to meet your individual or commercial needs. Security and industry needs distributors, offering a wide range of foot mat size and style for indoors and out. Available mat models range from anti-fatigue, anti-slip drain and rubberised entrance mat. Rubberised and vinyl carpets are also available.

Producer and supplier of floor matting for normal and customized use. Floor mat styles typically comprise industry floor mat styles, stripping floor mat styles, entry floor m styles, interior floor m styles, anti-fatigue floor m styles, log m styles, and text floor m styles. Industry floor matting is available in warehouse dimensions from 20" x 24" x 3/4" to 42" x 72" x 3/4".

Shaving mat species includes security shaving mat, pigs with brushes and comfortable shaving mat.

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