Floor Mat Rental

Doormat rental

Completely managed mat rental. A range of fatigue-free, wear-resistant, non-slip and visually appealing floor mats. Offers free of charge for mat rental and equipment service! Rental of mats vs. buying.

Take the time to offer every customer a premium mat rental service.

Her new mat rental company................................................

Her new mat rental company................................................ For this reason, Mat Rentals provides private clients with a free tracing tool where we can find the best offer for your company. Use our searching tool to find a quotation for a Mat Rentals Services product that has been pre-checked by Mat Rentals so that it can be certificated and fit your needs and your budgets.

Our company is proud to find you a dependable rental mat service that is there for you in the long term. Our goal is that you only have to care about how quickly you can pick up the telephone and call us or fill out our on-line form.

It' s so uncomplicated that we already wait on the telephone so that you can call us today!


Regardless of how big or small your company is, we have something for you. Your money. We do not have any fees or fees on our offers and services. We offer a wide range of matting in different colors, shapes and heights. Whatever your company needs, we have matting to meet your needs.

Since we are a small enterprise, we can offer the rescue services quickly. Brian Holgate is the proprietor and manager of the plant. At Beau Holgate we are the customer care and delivery manager. Together they offer the Quinte area a high-quality, proffesional and happy everyday customer care. Ever since it was founded, the firm has developed one mat after another into a single rental mats and mops rental outlet in the fifth sector.

We are proud to service Belleville, Prince Edward County, Tyendinaga and Quinte West (Trenton, Frankford and Stirling). For the communities in which we operate, we are neighbors and acquaintances and a business associate committed to the values of community service, environment protection and individual security. More than just your floor is covered by our matting. Doormats at entrances and non-asphalted finishes help protect clients and staff from slipping and falling - without discomfort or possible litigation.

Matting traps debris and fluids as clients and workers pass through your facility, not only keeps your space tidy, but also reduces your service cost. Every single week our floor mat traps filth. Behind our mat we are standing so that your coworkers can stay on them all morning... and logomats.

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